Why Anything Radio playlist for 06/28/2009

dj ev fill-in







Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 06/28/2009

Special 2 hour long show tonight featuring more brand new releases.

In honor of WUSB's 32 anniversary, we also take a look back at last year's brand new releases.

Tonight's show will also feature a short memorial to the Korean War, which started 59 years ago, June 25, 1950.

Tune in next weekend and listen to WUSB's Reggae marathon :)

I will be back with more Korean music on 7/12/09, listen in for tracks off of Drunken Tiger's 8th album, scheduled to be released tomorrow!!!

Bob Duffy playlist for 06/27/2009

Joe Vecchio filling-in

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 06/27/2009

WUSB 32nd Anniversary Edition hosted by Marc Greene (Ludwig Leopold IV)


Long Island Sound playlist for 06/25/2009

Local Live Music from solo artists and bands, electric and acoustic, with some pre-recorded music. Special musical guest Psycho Rainbow arrived late, so I played a lot of local artists:-)

Free Music Show playlist for 06/24/2009

Chris Phillips Filling In


Trim Mix Party playlist for 06/23/2009

fill in for soul glo real hiphop boom bap no click clack


Finn's Revolution playlist for 06/23/2009

Congrats to Walter who will be scoping the movie "Away We Go" in Huntington this weekend, check it: Thanks to all callers & listeners!