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Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/24/2009

real hiphop from the underground "boom bap not the click clack"

Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 07/24/2009

The name of this show is "Rhubarb".


Finn's Revolution playlist for 07/21/2009

Congrats to Rob who will be scoping Leon Russell in Amagansett on Sunday, www.stephentalkhouse.com , and to Bryan who will be checking the movie The Anarchist's Wife right here on campus at the 14th annual Stony Brook Film Festival, www.stonybrookfilmfestival.com Thanks to all callers & listeners!

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 07/20/2009

Bryan fills for John O

sub.rad playlist for 07/19/2009

special guest Leah Danger in the house!

12-1:30 metal
1:30-2:30 new tunes picked by LD
2:30-3 crazy stuff

Down Home Country playlist for 07/19/2009

Country, Western, Bluegrass. The real stuff.

Jazz On The Air playlist for 07/19/2009

Beautiful Sunny Sunday Afternoon Music Program. Mixed bag of old and new music without too much interruption. Just decided to let it flow on this otherwise beautiful Sunny Day! Hosted by Marc Greene.

Next week Mr. Edison hosts.

Tune in September 20 for my next JOTA broadcast.

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 07/19/2009

New music from Clazziquai, Vitality, Rama and new songs off of some Korean Drama soundtracks.

Listen tonight from 8-10 for a humorous critique of cliches in K-dramas.

BQE playlist for 07/18/2009

Eye Patch

Oprah's Handbag playlist for 07/18/2009

Planned Parenthood.

The Melting Pot playlist for 07/18/2009

Livin' on Tucson Time!!! Today's musical bed was brought to you by Freddie Hubbard...."Body and Soul" from "Without a Song....live in Europe 1969."