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Natural Alternatives playlist for 09/10/2021

What in your life has formed and guided your beliefs and ethics? What is it that has determined just how far you choose to extend your circle of compassion? Is it your religious beliefs, the prevalent social norms of your upbringing, what you learned from your family? And as a result, who have you determined is deserving of your moral consideration? All humans? Dogs and cats? Chimpanzees? Dolphins? Goldfish? Cows? And why have you drawn the lines where you have?

Join HealthyPlanet’s Bob DiBenedetto for a discussion with Jamie Woodhouse on the topic of Sentientism–a philosophy or worldview that takes the chance out of answering the question of what’s real and what matters morally–what we should care about.

Sentientism is committed to reason, evidence, and compassion and grants moral consideration to ALL sentient beings. Jamie is working to develop Sentientism as a philosophy and as a global movement.

Natural Alternatives playlist for 02/01/2019

Join Captain Phil as he interviews Elaine Gross, President of Erase Racism Long Island on Natural Alternatives this Friday February 1st, from 6-7 PM.

Elaine Gross is President of ERASE Racism (www.eraseracism.org), the Long Island-based nonprofit organization working to eliminate barriers to racial equity. She was hired by the Long Island Community Foundation in 2001 to launch the ERASE Racism Initiative, which became an independent not-for-profit corporation in 2004. She has successfully led ERASE Racism ever since, bringing together a cross-section of Long Island leaders to discuss and formulate remedies to persistent regional inequities, resulting from imbedded institutional and structural racism primarily in education, housing and community development. Under her leadership, ERASE Racism has been recognized locally and nationally for its cutting-edge work addressing institutional and structural racism.

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/2229630027275196/

Airs Friday, February 1, 6-7 PM.

Natural Alternatives playlist for 11/02/2018

Natural Alternatives with Captain Phil interviewing Rev. Wolter

We'll be talking with Rev Dwight Wolter about Recycling, current events and the Spirituality of Peace Love and Understanding

A musical celebration featuring the music of Elvis Costello, Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), Marvin Gaye & others.

Performed by Miles To Dayton Trio, Robert Bruey, Rorie Kelly, Anthony Pravada, Melanie Victoria, Craig Coyle, The Chancel Singers & a Surprise Guest!


Natural Alternatives playlist for 09/07/2018

Michael J. DeLuca publisher of Reckoning on Natural Alternatives

Reckoning: an imperfect means of navigation by which one determines where they’re going using only where they’ve been.

Reckoning: a settling of scores; justice.

Environmental justice: the notion that the people (and other living things) saddled with the consequences of humanity’s poor environmental choices and the imperative to remedy those choices are not the ones responsible for them.

Reckoning: a nonprofit, annual journal of creative writing on environmental justice.

Exactly the kind of creative writing journal we need right now. [Reckoning] celebrates diversity–of nature, of human nature–while never shying away from the stark challenges of environmental justice. These stories, essays and poems highlight and negotiate the ecology of landscapes in decline and the many spaces humans occupy in a rapidly changing world. Yet they never once lose hope.

– Emmi Itäranta, author of A Memory of Water


Natural Alternatives playlist for 08/24/2018

Today on Natural Alternative my guest is Benjamin Craig Licensed Acupuncturist needling me with answers to my questions (And slight terror) on Acupuncture!


Listen live at 6pm at 90.1fm or 107.3fm or online at www.wusb.fm

Natural Alternatives playlist for 06/01/2018

Interview with Michael Galligan director of Solar Plexus An Alternative Energy Play

Natural Alternatives playlist for 04/06/2018

The Root Cause in the studio with Captain Phil

Natural Alternatives playlist for 12/01/2017

Hank Stone, Model Railroads and Biofuels with COurtney on this weeks Natural Alternatives

Natural Alternatives playlist for 10/06/2017

To celebrate College Radio Day 2017 Natural Alternatives aired the College radio day broadcast with contributors from all over the world.

TODAY is CRD 2017!
The day has finally arrived!
We wish you all the best in your celebrations!

Natural Alternatives playlist for 09/22/2017

Greg Donohue in da house homies!! Get down wit dat!

Natural Alternatives playlist for 08/11/2017

Captain Phil at the helm of Natural Alternatives featuring some envirmental science, Eclipse News and Jack Licitra!

Natural Alternatives playlist for 04/07/2017

the 40 hours begin...

Natural Alternatives playlist for 03/23/2017

A short pre-sports edition of Natural Alternatives featuring Jack Licitra of Jacks Waterfall and ArtsPharmacy.com talking about healing through music, Peace Love and Understanding and other subversive ideas

Natural Alternatives playlist for 03/10/2017

fill: Bob Longman

Natural Alternatives playlist for 03/03/2017

Captain Phil fillin' In at Natural Alternatives with an exclusive interview with the Folk Group The Sea The Sea and featuring music from their 2 CDs, In The Altogether and Love We Are Love

Natural Alternatives playlist for 01/13/2017

George Rudolph Filling in for Bob DiBenedetto 6-7pm - Topics included Global Warming, Chem Trails, Malaria Conspiracy and Organ Donation.

Natural Alternatives playlist for 12/23/2016

Captain Phil filling in for the Natural Nurse featuring a preview of my great interview with Jonathan Preddice of Miles to Dayton. The complete Interview will air on January 6th 2017!

Natural Alternatives playlist for 12/02/2016

Captain Phil's Planet filling in for the Natural Nurse with some tunes and an interview with the manager of the Mills Pond Gallery which features a special scale railroad show this weekend!

Natural Alternatives playlist for 10/07/2016

Captain Phil filling in for the Natural Alternatives with an interview with Melinda Snodgrass. check out melindasnodgrass.com for her books.