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The Healthy Planet playlist for 06/16/2023


DEEPLY Appreciating Nature: An All-Senses Nature Walk and Instruction

WARNING: This show may deepen your ability to deeply appreciate nature, for the rest of your life.

Those fortunate enough to live on Long Island or other locations near nature trails and parks are often steps away from these precious resources. However, while spending time in nature can leave us with a greater sense of well-being, improved physical and mental health, and sharpened cognition, most tend to ignore these hidden treasures.

Join HealthyPlanet’s Bob DiBenedetto for a real-time, from-the-trail tutorial that is guaranteed to help you super-charge your nature experiences! While any time spent in the natural world is beneficial, Bob takes you on a journey where he outlines the many ways of deepening and almost magically transforming your connection to the plants, earth, air, and animals around you.

In this show, Bob also shares information on the ways psychological research is advancing our understanding of how time in nature benefits us, and closes with a TED talk by journalist, author, and podcaster Florence Williams entitled, “Making Spaces of Awe and Restoration.” Join us and share this experience with a friend!

Join us to get inspired to put on those walking shoes, and do share this experience with a friend!