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What in your life has formed and guided your beliefs and ethics? What is it that has determined just how far you choose to extend your circle of compassion? Is it your religious beliefs, the prevalent social norms of your upbringing, what you learned from your family? And as a result, who have you determined is deserving of your moral consideration? All humans? Dogs and cats? Chimpanzees? Dolphins? Goldfish? Cows? And why have you drawn the lines where you have?

Join HealthyPlanet’s Bob DiBenedetto for a discussion with Jamie Woodhouse on the topic of Sentientism–a philosophy or worldview that takes the chance out of answering the question of what’s real and what matters morally–what we should care about.

Sentientism is committed to reason, evidence, and compassion and grants moral consideration to ALL sentient beings. Jamie is working to develop Sentientism as a philosophy and as a global movement.

Tune in to gain insights into whether your own ethical choices, perhaps learned at an early age, still truly reflect your aspiration to act with reason and conscience. This show is especially important at a time when adherence to unsubstantiated beliefs is creating a great division in our country and the world.

Show Archive: https://healthyplanetusa.org/radio/archive-9-10-21-jamie-woodhouse-senti...

About Jamie Woodhouse:
Jamie is working to develop Sentientism as a philosophy and as a global movement. He hosts the Sentientism podcast on YouTube and many other podcast platforms, and has published articles and presented academic seminars on the topic. He is building a range of global Sentientism communities that so far span over 100 countries. You can find Jamie on Twitter @jamiewoodhouse and @Sentientism.”

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