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The Healthy Planet playlist for 08/04/2023


Driving The Future: Electric Vehicles To The Rescue
With Rosemary Mascali of The Drive Electric Long Island EV Coalition

Eighty-two percent of Long Islanders live in single-family homes, and our post-World War II transportation infrastructure was designed primarily with automobiles in mind. It’s no surprise then that according to the American Community Survey, 72% of LI commuters drive alone to work. Mass transit, while an important option, is not currently up to getting Long Islanders where they need to go.

And while we enjoy the freedom of going where and when we want, there is a high price to pay for having millions of automobiles drive throughout our neighborhoods in machines that produce an enormous amount of toxic pollutants. According to The American Lung Association’s “State of the Air” report, Long Island often receives an “F” grade for levels of deadly ozone pollution. A sizable portion of our air pollution comes from our vehicles.

And with climate change now manifesting in visible ways across the globe, there is even more urgency to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. In 2013, the Cleaner, Greener Long Island Regional Sustainability Plan identified 28% of Long Island’s carbon emissions as emanating from transportation. Fortunately, technological advancements have brought us a way to have our automobiles and breathe fresh air too.

Join HealthyPlanet’s Bob DiBenedetto for an interview with Rosemary Mascali of DriveElectricLongisland.org. They discuss in-depth how electric vehicles, or EVs, provide a powerful solution to our pressing air pollution and climate concerns while offering a superior driving experience. They’ll also address some often-raised doubts about adopting this improved technology and outline the cost savings available to EV purchasers and drivers. Listen in and be prepared to say goodbye to gas stations forever.

Join us to get informed–which is the first step to becoming part of the solution!