Lunchtime playlist for 05/24/2013

Friday 10 am to Noon - Today till 1pm

Stony Brook University's 53rd Commencement Ceremony

CONGRATULATIONS To The Graduates (all 5,643 of you) !!!

Polka Express playlist for 05/24/2013

Extra section 1:00-5:35 PM 1300-1735 Hrs

Mix Tape playlist for 05/23/2013

six year anniversary show woo woo

Steve K playlist for 05/23/2013

Tribute to Ray Manzarek..birthday nod to Bob dylan

An Eclectic Mess playlist for 05/23/2013

Featured artist who performed @ the WUSB Benefit May 19th and interviewed Doug Hochlerin and Wayne Sabosto from the band Mazarin about thier new CD Live Forever and played many songs from the CD

Blue Grass Time playlist for 05/22/2013

6-8 bluegrass music

Everything Is Broken playlist for 05/21/2013

Tuesday May 21 - 1-2:30PM EDT. our program will focus on “the scandals” and other topics related to the Obama Administration and the 8-year time-wasting, all out effort to ensure his failure. We will also launch our own critique of Obama, specifically his drone program – next week we will exclusively focus on this.

Our featured guest is LINN WASHINGTON. Linn is a columnist for The Philadelphia Tribune newspaper; a freelance journalist for THISCANTBEHAPPENING.NET and other publications nationwide. Linn writes extensively on matters involving the criminal justice system, racism and other topics. We will discuss a variety of issues ranging from a post-election look at race and gender to Obama judicial appointees and other topics. Linn is also an Assistant Professor of Journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Our music from folk, country, pop and rock singer Patty Griffin.

Wake and Bake playlist for 05/21/2013

Celebrating seven years on the air today!! Starting at 4:15 with the Joe Cahill Memorial benefit super jam from Boulder Colorado last week

Jim Dexter playlist for 05/21/2013

Jim's Show for Tuesday May 21, 2013

Finn's Revolution playlist for 05/21/2013

Chris Phillips filling in

Purple Starlight playlist for 05/20/2013

Currently alternating with the Spin Zone on Monday mornings Midnight - 3am.

Bob Longman Show playlist for 05/20/2013

fill Mon May 20 3:50-5 pm

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 05/20/2013

Paying tribute to the late great Ray Manzerek

Trim Mix Party playlist for 05/19/2013

this week we had a full house of guests and a interview with producer rediculous also a new top 15 and a hot tyme machine segment watch us also at