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Progressive Solutions playlist for 05/03/2016

WE will take a special look at activists that have dedicated a very large chunk of their lives fighting for justice. We will highlight the activism of Daniel Berrigan who died Saturday at age 94.

Joining us will be Bill McNulty. Bill is a local activist for peace and justice on many fronts, with a long history with groups like SOA Watch, Pax Christi, Green Party of Suffolk, North Country Peace Group and many others. Bill worked side by side with the Berrigan Brothers and will share his thoughts on the death of Daniel. He is also a fellow progressive talk show host here at WUSB Stony Brook with his program “Lunch on Thursday” – airing from 11:00AM to 1:00PM.

Street FM playlist for 05/03/2016

The Best Thing On Monday Night Tuesday Morning.......

Jim Dexter playlist for 05/03/2016

Jim's show for Tuesday May 3, 2016

WUSB Recess playlist for 05/03/2016

Cornflower and Daysi play the hits, Shay Jah watches.

Finn's Revolution playlist for 05/03/2016

A special afternoon Revolution! And rain! And filmmaker Gayle Kirschenbaum! And rain!

Purple Starlight playlist for 05/02/2016

Alternating Monday mornings 2-4am

In memory of Prince

Velvet Room playlist for 05/02/2016


Sunday Street playlist for 05/01/2016

A "May Day" edition of Sunday Street featuring some songs for the day, new music from Dave Gunning and Sugar Blue, some music from this past week's BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, and an in-studio visit from singer/songwriter Kirsten Maxwell.

Jazz On The Air playlist for 05/01/2016

Jazzed up airwaves...Studio Guests..New Releases..Concert Announcements:The Concert For The Concerts(Montauk), Bob Dylan's Birthday Bash!(BB King's,NYC), and many more!

No Apologies playlist for 04/30/2016

Long Live Prince!

Over Easy Radio playlist for 04/30/2016

After a month off, I'm back!

Reggaematic Vibes playlist for 04/30/2016

DJ Funky Fingers fill in