Hypnosmoothie Radio playlist for 08/23/2017

Captain Phil Phillin' In for Pauline with a rare Wednesday version of Captain Phil's Planet making a visit on Hypnosmoothie Radio. SOme Prog, and an interview with author James Morrow where we talk Nuclear War. All this and more on WUSB

Blue Grass Time playlist for 08/23/2017

2 hours of Bluegrass in the new CR1 Studio!

Rock & Roll Rebel Radio playlist for 08/23/2017

Joe Z In the House ! - Brinign You a strange mix of jazz, chaos. and soul

Jim Dexter playlist for 08/22/2017

Jim's first show in the new CR-1! Tuesday August 22, 2017

Finn's Revolution playlist for 08/22/2017

Tonight! ARRICA ROSE @8, KEGBELLY @9, & the birthday of John Lee Hooker....

Robot Radio playlist for 08/22/2017

Purple Starlight playlist for 08/21/2017

Currently on air alternating Monday mornings from Midnight - 3am

Featuring music tonight from Phish's Baker's Dozen at Madison Square Garden, NYC
Strawberry, Jam Filled, Double Chocolate and Jimmies are the Flavors for Tonight's Show

More Cowbell playlist for 08/21/2017


Workhorse Radio playlist for 08/21/2017

enter the new studio with Workhorse celebrate robert plants b-day john lee hooker

Polka Express playlist for 08/21/2017

Fill in for Soul Glo Bistro 10:oo-12:00 PM Extra Section

Every Parent's Worst Nightmare playlist for 08/20/2017

filll in by dj the viallg astrolge n lan dbuoy

Bob Longman Show playlist for 08/20/2017

*: new
This show was done after a sleep test last night in which I got hardly any sleep.

Korean Life playlist for 08/20/2017