Everything Is Broken playlist for 07/01/2014

OUR PROGRAM TUESDAY, 1:00PM, will focus on a variety of topics: from the Supremes' latest decisions, to the Common Core Curriculum which is reviled (for different reasons) by both the left and the right, to Iraq The Sequel, to Homeland Security, and finally to our local community arts scene.

Our featured guest is Dave Lindorff, author and journalist. Dave is the founder of, a consortium of progressive bloggers that now have the dubious distinction of recently being branded a “threat” by Homeland Security! Dave’s full bio can be found at:

ALSO joining us will be Dominique Maciejka. She and I will discuss the local arts scene. Dominique is the owner of Paper Doll Vintage Boutique in Sayville, L.I., NY. Paper Doll has won first place for Long Island's Best Vintage Clothing Store in 2013 and 2014. By hosting art openings and shows at Paper Doll Vintage Boutique, she hopes to display and sell local artwork to the unique and eclectic clientele of the shop.

Street FM playlist for 07/01/2014

The Best Thing On A Mon Night/Tues Morn... and every 1st Monday of the month is Throwback Night on StreetFM!....

Jim Dexter playlist for 07/01/2014

Jim's Show for Tuesday July 1, 2014

Wake and Bake playlist for 07/01/2014

Platinum Party 2014 recordings on the 1st W&B show of July,along with some other Jam artists. Jerry D hosting this week.

Finn's Revolution playlist for 07/01/2014

Interview with musician and author Tommy Wallach, music to celebrate the birthdays of Debbie Harry & Willie Dixon, plus the strange and the beautiful...

Epoch playlist for 06/30/2014

Gamehendge overnight 4th July playlist 3 am to 6 am fill in for the Witching Hour.

This is a remix that I adapted from my earlier New Years Edition. I swapped out the New Years versions of Forbin/Mockingbird and Harpua with July 4th versions. I was hoping to get a 3 hour slot to air this on July 4th, but I was not able to secure one. Fortunately I was able to fill in for Witching Hour in June 30th. I plan on doing a shorter, cleaned up version on my regular timeslot.

Say Whats Radio playlist for 06/30/2014

Special Guest: MonkeyBite

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 06/30/2014

Captain Rockit fills in with a special 4 hour tribute to Casey Kasem. Show consists of the playing of the Top 40 of One Hit Wonders of the 1970's.! This countdown is based solely on the popularity of the Billboard charts of the 1970's. It ends with the #1 hit of the decade, Debbie Boone's, You Light Up My Life, and after that we just threw in some more one hit wonders.DJ Eve co-hosts with trivia about the artists.

Polka Express playlist for 06/29/2014

Extra section Fill in for Mrs.Chester 5:00-9:00 AM 0500-0900 Hrs.


Epoch playlist for 06/29/2014

8pm to 10pm fill in for Nightmare Aquarium

Jazz On The Air playlist for 06/29/2014

The Depths of an Improvisational Sunday

Bob Duffy playlist for 06/28/2014

Joe Vecchio filling-in

Ticket giveaways to see Snoop Dogg, Gogol Bordello, Spin Doctors and Lord Huron at The Space At Westbury. Congratulations to the lucky winners.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 06/28/2014

this week we had a real dope top 15 plus a remix of supercharged magamix tyme plus a hot tyme machine segment with original joints that were sampled and the joints that sampled them and more