Progressive Solutions playlist for 09/20/2016

Theme: post Bernie progressive momentum.
Featured Guest: Karen Bernal -

Robot Radio playlist for 09/20/2016

Purple Starlight playlist for 09/19/2016

Alternating Monday mornings 2 - 4am

Workhorse Radio playlist for 09/19/2016

WOW some country music for Hank Williams birthday

Captain Rockit's Time Machine playlist for 09/19/2016

Captain Rockit plays 2 hours of soul classics from the Philadelphia International label.

Bob Duffy playlist for 09/17/2016

Saturday's a Party playlist for 09/17/2016

George Rudolph filling in for Lister bringing you the latest in smooth and contemporary jazz along with some legacy jazz selections.

Live and Unsupervized playlist for 09/17/2016

The boys are back this week, Tune in for a censored hour consisting of clean music and talk of flowers and Seinfeld. Tune in for a second hour of dirty dirty dirt.

Blues Warehouse playlist for 09/16/2016

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)est.