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Mr. X. Presents..... playlist for 12/06/2016


Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 12/06/2016

The Fishin' Blues Show

Finn's Revolution playlist for 12/06/2016

Musician BRIAN CULLMAN joins us....

Polka Express playlist for 12/05/2016

Fill In for Medicine Unplugged 6:00 7:00 AM 0600-0700 Hrs.

More Cowbell playlist for 12/05/2016


Workhorse Radio playlist for 12/05/2016

little richards birthday

Polka Express playlist for 12/05/2016

Extra section II fill in for Soul Glo Bistro 10:00PM-12:00AM 2200-2400 hrs.

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 12/05/2016

Fill-in by Kenn Toomey.

Slice of Life playlist for 12/04/2016

Great tunes. Great Talk. Real Talk.

Today, DJ Spooky Christmas and DJ Tom talk about Taco bell, food, and many more interesting topics that you should listen to. On todays What's the deal with--- Dating in our modern society? also join us for another fabulous blank or blank segment- with topics such as beanies or baseball caps and potato or tomato

Jazz On The Air playlist for 12/04/2016

Poetry. Spoken word. Lyrics & Lyrical
The Rhythm, Beats.
Instruments & Orchestrations.