Bob Longman Show playlist for 04/16/2017

Easter special.

Sunday Street playlist for 04/16/2017

Today's program featured new releases by Tom Russell, Jessi Colter, and Ray Davies. We also played some songs for the Easter weekend. And we shared several classic recordings on which Bruce Langhorne, legendary session guitarist, appeared in the mid and late 1960's.

Horrorscope playlist for 04/15/2017


Bob Duffy playlist for 04/15/2017

Horrorscope playlist for 04/15/2017


Everything Must Go playlist for 04/15/2017

This week's installment of EVERYTHING MUST GO features (mostly) instrumentals--

Blues Warehouse playlist for 04/14/2017

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)est.

Fermented Radio playlist for 04/14/2017

Friday 10am to Noon

Mystery Train playlist for 04/14/2017

Jealous of the other DJs who took part in the many awesome music marathons during Radiothon, I made my own tiny lonesome version. So this week's Mystery Train is The First Annual Eighties ROCKTACULAR (is too a word) Mini-Marathon. Featuring some J. Geils' Band cuts, in honor of Geils, who died earlier this week, as well as Smithereens, Blondie, R.E.M., The Replacements, The Pretenders, INXS, The Talking Heads, The Pixies, Joan Jett, Prince, Pat Benatar, among others. But no Air Supply, Asia, Astley, A-Ha and no Axel F. And that's just the As. It's all eighties rocking goodness, my friends.

Hope you're inspired to make a pledge to (631) 632-6901 or during the show, to

Rockin' Iration playlist for 04/14/2017

RastafarI culture and reggae music permeates the airwaves and steams the internet as DJ Kibret Neguse unleashes a barrage of new and classic songs for all to hear. The "Blazing Hot" track of the night is "Zion" from Kristine Alicia's new album release "Songs From Zion". Listen again at by clicking "Schedule", and then the speaker icon above "Rockin' Iration" in Friday's listing.

Radio 631 playlist for 04/13/2017

eclectic and electric, a lot of latin-influenced dance music from dj buyin seltzer (+ a nice sweater from him, neat). a good bit of new house, a good bit of old house / old hits (hiatus kaiyote anybody?) and of course, references to friends sondelius and spoonfuls. new formas, matrixxman remix (pleasurecraft)

Fishing With Bill playlist for 04/13/2017

New Orleans' own Tank And The Bangas win NPR's Tiny Desk Concert contest. This must watch performance can be found at

Clam Radio playlist for 04/13/2017

Susan DeVita is co-hosting today.