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More Cowbell playlist for 08/20/2018

Blues/ Rock/ R&B

Sam's Show playlist for 08/19/2018

12-3 AM fillin!!

Horrorscope playlist for 08/18/2018

wow its gonna get real tight and heavy no holds BARD
its perfect if u are on flute and plane of existence as we

Bob Duffy playlist for 08/18/2018

Blues Warehouse playlist for 08/17/2018

Blues Warehouse (8-10am)est.

The Loft playlist for 08/17/2018

Hi: This is George Rudolph. Welcome to The Loft where we play latest releases in contemporary jazz every Friday at 3am after the Trim Mix Party on WUSB 90.1 FM and around the world on WUSB.FM.

Fermented Radio playlist for 08/17/2018

Friday 10am to Noon

Billy J Kramer speaks with Denis McNamara in the 2nd Hour.

Taking Care of Yourself playlist for 08/17/2018

Aretha Franklin Tribute with Gerry

Rockin' Iration playlist for 08/17/2018

RastafarI and reggae music on a Friday night! DJ Kibret Neguse showcases emerging and established artistes for your listening pleasure. The "Blazing Hot" song of the night is from KraiGGi BaDArt and Oriel with their new single "Plant A Seed".

Trim Mix Party playlist for 08/16/2018

that real boom bap hiphop