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THE SCENE playlist for 01/08/2019

Get up and moving your feet! Today's Dance Floor Hits!

Jim Dexter playlist for 01/08/2019

Jim's Show for Tuesday January 8. 2019

Finn's Revolution playlist for 01/08/2019

Singer/songwriter MICHAL TOWBER joins us to talk about her new one, her career, and, of course, her favorite song...

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 01/08/2019

?The Dump the Trump Show?

Purple Starlight playlist for 01/07/2019

Currently On Air Alternate Monday Mornings Midnight - 3am

Workhorse Radio playlist for 01/07/2019

jan 7 2019 ???

More Cowbell playlist for 01/07/2019


Country Pocket playlist for 01/07/2019

So many shows the last few weeks! Hunter Perrin rerun and previews from upcoming albums.

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 01/07/2019

Captain Rockit returns to WUSB for one night only!

The Invisible Show playlist for 01/06/2019

Visibly Toasty

toasty (ft conboi) fills in and plays a bunch of stuff

its incoherent but fun
punky, indy, trap shit, funky shit, dance muzak to die 4
2018 sucked but the music was excellent
happy new year lol be nice to me 2019 pls

OH BTW PLALIZT: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxydXlzRYmE0WqqX-DfPXd_zka2GdFJl7

Jazz On The Air playlist for 01/06/2019

JAZZ-on the air. Welcome 2019!

Bob Longman Show playlist for 01/06/2019

All Brass-rock / horn-rock.

I played other such songs on Saturday's fill for Bob Duffy:
Chicago, Make Me Smile
Chicago, Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
the Budos Band, The Sticks
Lighthouse, Step Out On the Sea
OK Go! & Bonerama, Rock n Roll Suicide
Ten Wheel Drive w Genya Ravan, Polar Bear Rug
Tower Of Power, Butter Fried
Mandrill, Can You Get It (Suzie Caesar)
Funkin' A, Working Band

Korean Life playlist for 01/06/2019

Filling in for Korean Life

China Blue playlist for 01/06/2019

Captain Phil FIllin' In with some international Prog!

Country Pocket playlist for 01/06/2019

Two hour fill of new roots music from Dec 2018 and Jan 2019.

Sunday Street playlist for 01/06/2019

Part II of our "Turning of The Year" edition playing some favorite releases from 2018.
Also, Pete Kennedy, author of "Tone, Twang and Taste" joined us for an in-studio conversation.