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Jazz On The Air playlist for 07/26/2020

Hosted by Mr. Edison

Radio Free J-Ro playlist for 07/25/2020

It's July 25th and we're still in the Twilight Zone.

This show, we will celebrate the life of Emitt Rhodes, who passed away this week at 70.
We will celebrate what would have been Karl Hendricks'50th birthday that passed this week.
And we mark the 40th anniversary of the release of Joy Division's 2nd and final album, Closer, released in 1980.

Homegrown Long Island playlist for 07/25/2020

No guests today. Just playing local music

The Broadcast playlist for 07/25/2020

Fillin By DJ This Bird Has Flown

Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/24/2020

guests young black gifted and tony arfi(powerplay studios)

Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/24/2020

playlist 2

Sustain It playlist for 07/24/2020

LAST UPDATED: JULY 23, 2020 AT 2:20 PM
What You Need to Know
Governor Cuomo has partnered with New Jersey Governor Murphy and Connecticut Governor Lamont to create a joint travel advisory for individuals traveling from states with significant community spread of COVID-19, requiring a quarantine for 14 days when visiting their states.

Following a significant rise in COVID-19 cases among 21 to 30-year-olds, New York State has launched a new ad campaign targeted towards young people to emphasize the risk and severity of COVID-19.

The State Police and State Liquor Authority are leading a task force to investigate and shut down establishments not complying with the safety standards of the state.

To report violations of health and safety restrictions and requirements for businesses, gatherings and individuals, please choose the appropriate link below:

File a complaint about a business, location or incident in your community.

File a complaint against your employer or place of work.

Rockin' Iration playlist for 07/24/2020

DJ Kibret Neguse presents two hours of RastafarI culture and reggae music from emerging and established artistes. The "Blazing Hot" song of the night is "Ready" from Alborosie and Jo Mersa Marley. The "Reggae Classic" is iNi Kamoze's "Hole In The Pumpkin", which mixes perfectly with J Written's great new single "Ragamuffin".

Blues Warehouse playlist for 07/24/2020

Blues Warehouse
Fri.Mornings (8-10am)est.

Steve K playlist for 07/23/2020

HBD Carlos Santana 7/20..new music from Alex Jordan,The Pretenders,Lucinda Williams,Allman /Betts Band,Marcus King plus The Soul Set at the halfway mark

Scotty O and the Beatles Show playlist for 07/23/2020

Hour 1: new releases from the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys, plus pay tribute to Charlie Daniels and Benny Mardones plus a few others

Beatles hour: Another new release from Paul McCartney's Flaming Pie boxset, pus a theme set of the Beatles playing with Rock and Roll pioneers.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/23/2020

afternoon overdose

Global Rhythms playlist for 07/23/2020

The Farewell to Brother John Lewis, Summer heat-waved, Covidified Baseball Opener and Africanized edition...

Uprising playlist for 07/22/2020

Blues At Dawn playlist for 07/22/2020


Blue Grass Time playlist for 07/22/2020

2 hours of Bluegrass Music!