Traditional Folk playlist for 05/23/2016

Bob Longman, guest host

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 05/23/2016

Classic 45s hosted by Wayne

Polka Express playlist for 05/22/2016

0445-0900 Hrs.

Sunday Street playlist for 05/22/2016

Today’s program celebrated the music of Bob Dylan who turns 75 this Tuesday. We also highlighted several tracks from his album BLONDE ON BLONDE, released some fifty years ago. Additionally, we played two tracks from Dylan’s just-released FALLEN ANGELS.

Jazz On The Air playlist for 05/22/2016


Hosted by Mr. Edison

Hypnosmoothie Radio playlist for 05/20/2016

How to get involved with New York's plan-in-the-making to transition into 50% renewable energy by 2030.

Learn about the Nukespeak language

Karl Grossman is a full professor of journalism at the State University of New York College at Old Westbury. For more than 45 years he has pioneered the combination of investigative reporting and environmental journalism in a variety of media. He is the host of the nationally aired television program Enviro Close-Up, the narrator and host of award-winning TV documentaries on environmental and energy issues, the author of six books and writer of numerous magazine, newspaper and Internet articles.


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got the Bernie loser question?

Fermented Radio playlist for 05/20/2016

Friday 10am to 11 today, it's Graduation!

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 05/20/2016

Congratulations Stony Brook University Class of 2016 Graduates!!

Cloud Becomes Your Hand - Made Of Teak / Rest In Fleas
Octopus Syng - Belle And Ville / Unknown Actress
Oscar - Breaking My Phone / Daffodil Days
Wooly Woman - Makes His Money / Get Together
And The Kids - Kick Rocks
The Late Show - If You Stay
The Sun Days - OOO

Mark Pritchard - Give It Your Choir
New Madrid - Not Up To Me / Don't Hold Me Now
New Planet Trampoline - Ex-President / We'll Get What We Deserve
Shadowgraphs - Voice In MY Head / Strawberry Lemonade / Leave Love In The Nehru Valley
Mystic Brew - I'm Going Nowhere / Your Reality / Don't You Want To Stay
The Shelters - Rebel Heart / Liar
Frankie & The Witch Fingers - Lou Reed
The Contrast - Mystery #1
Madder Rose - Roland Navigator
Beverly - Bulldozer
Man Power Teen - Love Yes

Modern Eon - Child's Play
Suburbs - Forever
Goliath - Tell Me Your Satisfied / We're Not Afraid
Robin Trower - In Too Deep

Rockin' Iration playlist for 05/20/2016

With Kibret Neguse. Tonight's show featured many "first draws" of new songs, artistes, and the "Blazin' Hot" track of the week from Mykal Rose titled "Dutty Babylon Road"!

Steve K playlist for 05/19/2016

50th anniversary of Blonde on Blonde & Pet Sounds...Dylan's 75th & Pete Townsend's 71st..

Country Pocket playlist for 05/19/2016

This week, we looked back on the extraordinary life of Guy Charles Clark, who passed away on Tuesday at the age of 74.

The Spectrum playlist for 05/19/2016

Alternative rock/Post hardcore/metalcore/punk