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Progressive Solutions playlist for 05/17/2016

We will take an in depth look at both current political issues and activists working to educate us on national budget priorities. We will also get an update on the 2013 West, TX explosion.

Joining us will be Lindsay Koshgarian. Lindsay is Research Director at National Priorities Project, a nonpartisan nonprofit dedicated to making the federal budget transparent so that Americans can influence how their tax dollars are spent. Ms. Koshgarian's work focuses on reducing wasteful Pentagon spending and shifting more resources to investment in our communities and people.

ALSO JOINING US is Francis Hamit. Francis is an author and playwright who spent 21 years in the Industrial Security business. His new book, a memoir, is “A Perfect Spy”, a recent winner at the San Francisco Book Festival. His writings are available at Amazon.

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Long Island Against Trafficking https://www.facebook.com/liagainsttrafficking/?fref=ts
Justice Jam - 5/22/16 @ 89 North Music Venue, Patchogue www.justicejam.org

If you suspect a child that is trafficked or sexually exploited, call the Child Advocacy Center at (631) 439-0480.

If you suspect the child’s parent or guardian is involved in trafficking and is failing to protect their child, you need to make a report to the New York State Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment at 1-800-342-3720.

If you suspect an adult of being trafficked, call the 24/7 Hotline at (631) 395-1800.

Also, if you are out of state, or just need additional support or services, you can contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888.