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Serendipity playlist for 02/18/2018

thanks for tuning in guyzz

Bob Duffy playlist for 02/17/2018

Saturday's a Party playlist for 02/17/2018

Rebroadcast of Lister's WBAI show with interviews with about the late Felix Palcaios, better known as Felipito, with Jim Weiner, host of Jazz on the Air and Tony White. Additional music by George Rudolph.

Fermented Radio playlist for 02/16/2018

Friday 10am to Noon

Denis McNamara sits in today

Mystery Train playlist for 02/16/2018

Black History Month old, new, covers, blues...

The Loft playlist for 02/16/2018

Hosted by George Rudolph The Loft features the latest releases in contemporary jazz as well as legacy jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Funk, Soul, some good old rock and roll, and interviews with the players that make the music. Tonight's first hour featured Latin Jazz in honor our deceased brother Felix Palacios, better known on the air as Felipito.

Rockin' Iration playlist for 02/16/2018

RastafarI culture and reggae music with DJ Kibret Neguse. Tonight's guests are band members from Long Island's "Roots Connection" to promote "Reggae Snowsplash" at 89 North in Patchogue on Feb 18th. Bassist Corey, Vocalists Russ and Tiffany join Kibret in studio to discuss their musical history and the future of live reggae on Long Island. The "Blazing Hot" track of the night is from Kashief Lindo with his new single "Freedom".

Radio 631 playlist for 02/15/2018

post valentines day vibes

i love you sondelius c:

friends are here , spoonfuls, no face, and the invisible man

love saves the day

Captain Phil's Planet playlist for 02/15/2018

Interview with Victoria Price and Fernando Perdomo!

The "In" Crowd playlist for 02/15/2018

Great fun spinning 45s for you this morning. Also some props given to The Crazy Cajun, Huey P. Meaux during the 5 o'clock hour. Thanks for tuning in.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 02/15/2018

that real hiphop