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Beginnings playlist for 08/27/2011

Ramsey Lewis Trio - The "In" Crowd "with new ears" #47

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 08/26/2011

Blues with a Feeling w/L'Hommedieu

Lunchtime playlist for 08/26/2011

It's the calm before the storm ... Hurricane Irene is heading our direction... So let us be your soundtrack while tightening up before the storm.

Skagasm playlist for 08/26/2011

Why is it so awesome? I just dunno!

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 08/26/2011

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1. TRICKSKI - Beginning
2. TELEX - I Don't Like Music
3. KOLOMBO - Waiting For
4. GUSGUS - Over [Life and Death Remix]
5. COMA - Playground Altona
6. WHOMADEWHO - Every Minute Alone [M.Mayer Rmx]
7. MATIAS AGUAYO - I Don't Smoke
8. GUI BORATTO - The Drill
9. PANTHA DU PRINCE - Satellite Sniper Hieroglyphic Being Remix
10. SUPERPITCHER - White Lightning
11. REINHARD VOIGT - Guide My Hands
12. THE MODERNIST - Remodernist
13. GRAHAM REYNOLDS - Movement I The Cogwheel Brain / Ada [DJ Spooky Remix]
14. WOLFGANG VOIGT - Frieden
15. GRAHAM REYNOLDS - The Cogwheel Brain [Octopus Project Remix]
16. K THE I - Inertia
17. YACHT - One Step
18. HERCULES AND LOVE AFFAIR - Painted Eyes [In Flagranti Version]
19. LITTLE DRAGON - Nightlight
20. PETER WOLF CRIER - Settling It Off
21. HORRORS - Still Life
22. CHEER ACCIDENT - Drag You Down
23. CITY AND COLOUR - Natural Disaster
24. BRIAN ENO - Pour It Out

Hurricane Flash Mob

Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 08/26/2011

Kevin K Fillin

Mix Tape playlist for 08/25/2011

the usual?

Clam Radio playlist for 08/25/2011

We pay homage to Jerry Leiber, and Nick Ashford who passed away this week. We also celebrate Elvis Costello's 57th birthday.

High Technology Radio playlist for 08/25/2011

Not feeling threatened by a two dimensional half-bearded clown.

Blues At Dawn playlist for 08/24/2011


Blue Grass Time playlist for 08/24/2011

6-8 PM 2 hours of Bluegrass music

Radio Free J-Ro playlist for 08/24/2011

J-Ro guest-hosting Suburban Hymns, spinning some psych and brit-pop type tunes from the classic era of college radio! And some new shit, too!