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Blue Grass Time playlist for 09/03/2013

2 Hours of Bluegrass 6-8 PM

Finn's Revolution playlist for 09/03/2013

Another war, another invasion, let's keep drinkin' and rockin' & rollin'!!

Say Whats Radio playlist for 09/02/2013

Acoustic Show with DJ Pete and special guest Will from LIA

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 09/02/2013

Smooth it out...hosted by Wayne

Trim Mix Party playlist for 09/01/2013

This week on TRIM mix we had a special interview with CHI ALI plus the top 15 boom bap countdown and a TYME MACHINE for the years 1990-1991

Sunday Street playlist for 09/01/2013

Lots of Dylan on today's program as we played several tracks from the new volume in the Bootleg Series as well as tracks from new or forthcoming releases from Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott, Si Kahn and The Looping Brothers, Travis, Ben Reel and Wesley Stace. Also some songs for the advent of September and for Labor Day.

The Overnightmare playlist for 08/31/2013

1 of 15 Broken English Marianne Faithfull 4:37 A Perfect Stranger: The Island Anthology [Disc 1] 6/9/12 4:07 PM 6/3/09 5:58 PM 999 kbps Apple Lossless audio file Pop
23 of 24 Come Dancing The Kinks 3:56 The Ultimate Collection [Disc 1] 8/25/12 7:32 PM 5/4/12 11:52 PM 1030 kbps Apple Lossless audio file Rock
8 of 12 Curtis Medeski, Martin & Wood 4:38 End Of The World Party (Just In Case) 1 3/6/13 4:55 AM 6/9/12 4:09 PM 12/22/05 1:50 PM 192 kbps AAC audio file Jazz
14 of 23 More Love Beatles Remixers Group 2:00 Tuned To A Natural E Vol 4 6/9/12 2:36 PM 7/28/07 5:42 AM 192 kbps MPEG audio file Rock
06. Passaggi Nel Tempo Calibro 35 2:25 Ogni riferimento a persone esistenti o a fatti realmente accaduti è puramente casuale 6/23/12 6:28 PM 11/23/11 11:12 AM 320 kbps MPEG audio file
4 of 16 Overlapping Circles The Terrordactyls 2:28 Rage Mountain 6/9/12 5:13 PM 9/8/11 2:16 AM 285 kbps (VBR) MPEG audio file Indie Rock
1 of 15 Dear Prudence Siouxsie & the Banshees 3:50 The Best Of Siouxsie And The Banshees 6/9/12 4:46 PM 11/1/09 7:23 PM 128 kbps AAC audio file Alternative & Punk

Clam Radio playlist for 08/31/2013

Specific music from one half of Clam Radio and various requests.

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 08/30/2013

Mark Klein's Fri. morning
Blues warehouse (8-10am)est.

Lunchtime playlist for 08/30/2013

Friday 10am to Noon

John Townley (http://www.astrococktail.com) our Guest In-Studio all show

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 08/30/2013


Steve K playlist for 08/29/2013

Paul Newland of "Suburban Hymns" filling in