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Sunday Street playlist for 03/04/2012

We were joined in the studio by Pat Wictor and Greg Greenway, of Brother Sun. Brother Sun did an incredible concert at The University Cafe in the afternoon.

No Apologies playlist for 03/03/2012

Don't let the No Apologies moniker fool you. This fill in for Chris Phillips is really Lou Reed's 70th Birthday Bash (Edison style)

The Overnightmare playlist for 03/03/2012


Bob Duffy playlist for 03/03/2012

Joe C filling in for Bob Duffy, happy birthday Lou Reed, 70!!!!??? Wow"

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 03/02/2012

Mark Klein's Fri.Morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)

Lunchtime playlist for 03/02/2012

All Female for March ... Celebrating Women's History Month!

Skagasm playlist for 03/02/2012


Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 03/02/2012

Tracks featured...

2 BEARS - Birds & The Bees, AIR - Seven Stars, BARE WIRES - Dirt Beach, BARRY ADAMSON - Stand In, BETH JEANS HOUGHTON & THE HOOVES OF DESTINY - Atlas, BLACK BANANAS - Rad Times, CARDINAL - Radio Birdman, DARKNESS FALLS - Before the Light Takes Us, DR DOG - Warrior Man, EAST BAY AND THE KILLER SMILES - Safe And Sound, FIELD MUSIC - Sorry Again, Mate, FRANKIE ROSE - Gospel Grace, FUNKADELIC - Super Stupid, GALACTIC - Voyage Ton Flag, GRIMES - Genesis, HUNX - Hair Dresser Blues, IMPERIAL TEEN - Don't Know How You Do It, INXS - Never Tear Us Apart, KORALLREVEN - Honey Mine, MARK E - Black Country Saga, MEMORYHOUSE - All Our Wonder, MILAGRES - Here To Stay, PEPE DELUXE - Go Supersonic, PERFUME GENIUS - Take Me Home, POND - Fantastic Explosion Of Time, SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS - The Night, SCUM - Whitechapel, SHAZALAKAZOO - Sunny Side Of The Street, TENNIS - My Better Self, TERRY MALTS - Tumble Down, THE ASTEROID GALAXY TOUR - Mafia, THE KOOKS - Shine On, THE MALLARD - You've Got The Critics, VANISH VALLEY - Races

Haiku is good for you

Mix Tape playlist for 03/01/2012

march mixness

Steve K playlist for 03/01/2012

Jam session with Derek and Derek T. early on, then to celebrate Women's History Month, ladies names in song titles

High Technology Radio playlist for 03/01/2012