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Cafe`Ali playlist for 06/22/2021

In The 10 O'clock Hr We Will Talk To Naji Soul From Morocco about his new album.In The 12 O'clock hr we speak with Johnathan Floyd about His Father, Marquette Floyd, Suffolk County's First Black Judge!

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 06/22/2021

Summertime Blues

Happy Hour playlist for 06/22/2021

a mix of dubby electronic music & Dhärä!! a long island band who recently released an EP

Finn's Revolution playlist for 06/22/2021

Author/podcaster/musician MARC WASSERMAN joins me to talk his new book about American ska, SKA BOOM! http://DiWulf.com

Jazz in Key playlist for 06/22/2021

Captain Phil fillin' in for Donna

More Cowbell playlist for 06/21/2021


Critique playlist for 06/21/2021

Captain Phil filling in for Mort and talking about Juneteenth



Equilibrium playlist for 06/21/2021

feel good electronic music & healing bass music to get ya alignment back on track this week
biweekly 3-5pm hosted by dj goomz

Trim Mix Party playlist for 06/21/2021

da inna circle playlist

The Invisible Show playlist for 06/20/2021

【it is a tired place】

- The Invisible Man

Gabe's Flight playlist for 06/19/2021


1. Elegguá/Yoruba Andabo Ft. Regla Monet
2. Popurrí/Adonis & Osaín del Montee Ft. Rubén Bulnes
3. Sin comentario/Adonis & Osaín del Montee Ft. Rubén Bulnes
4. Mas rollo que película/Alexander Abreu & Habana D’Primera
5. Mí salsa tiene sandunga/Alexander Abreu & Habana D’Primera
6. Será que se acabó/Alexander Abreu & Habana D’Primera
7. El paralitico Ft. Haydee Milanés & Rubén/Septeto Ecos del Tivolí
8. Lágrimas negras Ft. Sixto Llorente ‘El Indio’/Septeto Ecos del Tivolí
9. Oye mi conga Ft. Edwin Colon Zayas/Septeto Ecos del Tivolí
10. La tierra del olvido/Aymée Nuviola
11. La gota fría/Aymée Nuviola
12. Colombia (Polo Montañez)/Aymée Nuviola
13. Maria La O/Nachito Herrera
14. Tributo a Lexuona/Nachito Herrera
15. Con sentimiento cubano/Nachito Herrera
16. De esquina a esquina Ft. Yerlanis Junco/Orquesta Failde
17. Rompiendo la rutina Ft. Omara Portuondo/Orquesta Failde
18. Son al Son Ft. Yerlanis & Omara/Orquesta Failde
19. Ser feliz Ft. Aymée Nuviola/Septeto Acarey
20. Guajira enamorá Ft. Albita Rodríguez/Septeto Acarey
21. Es demasiado tarde Ft. Leoni Torres/Septeto Acarey

Skylab playlist for 06/19/2021

Skylab - Episode #10

Guest DJ: Keenan (KeenanRadio@gmail.com) (https://twitter.com/keenankush)

''Space Intro'' - Steve Miller Band - 'Fly Like an Eagle' - 1976
''Supermoon'' - The Babe Rainbow - 'Double Rainbow' - 2018
''Stars'' - Kevin Ayers - 'Whatevershebringswesing' - 1971
''The Age Of Space (Intro)'' - Harmonic 33 - 'Extraordinary People' - 2002
''Floating In Space'' - The Apples In Stereo - 'Travellers In Space And Time' - 2010
''Man It Feels Like Space Again'' - Pond - 'Man It Feels Like Space Again' - 2015
''Cosmic Convoy'' - Todd Rundgren/Utopia - 'Demos And Lost Albums' - 2001
''Children Of The Moon (feat. Tame Impala)'' - The Flaming Lips - 'The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends' - 2012
''The Distant Galaxy (Excerpt)'' - Don Sebesky - 'Further Inflight Entertainment' - 1997
''Cosmic Echos'' - Lord Echo - 'Melodies (Album)' - 2010
''Space Oddity'' - David Bowie - 'Space Oddity' - 1969

Trim Mix Party playlist for 06/18/2021

cutsupreme rocking that real hiphop boom bap featuring producer hilltop productions