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The Doo-Woppler Effect playlist for 05/22/2023

DJ Phantasma filling in

Trim Mix Party playlist for 05/22/2023


Jazz On The Air playlist for 05/21/2023

Covered by DJ Binky

China Blue playlist for 05/21/2023

Covered by DJ Untitled and DJ Phantasma

No Apologies playlist for 05/20/2023

Hosted by Mr. Edison

Sunrise Angels playlist for 05/20/2023

Barber Beats Special
All New Releases

Gabe's Flight playlist for 05/20/2023


Elegguá/Merceditas Valdés & Jesús Pérez & Isupo Iraguo y Los Tambores Batá
La Marina/Rumba Timba
El Pana/Rumba Timba
Par que un día vuelvas/Rumba Timba
Te viran en la Guagua/Estrellas de Envidia Ft. Alex de Lara
Se lo llevó la Policía/Sociedad Cubana Ft. Wilmer Munoz
Qué nos Pasó/Arnaldo y la Cosmopolita Ft. Iván ‘El Hijo de Teresa’
No quiero confusión/Germán Velazco Ft. Moisés Valle ‘Yumurí’
Murakami’s Mambo/Germán Velazco Ft. Leo Vera
Dale el biberon/Germán Velazco Ft. Wil Campa
To' pa' ti/Cotó & Ecos del Caribe Ft. Orlando Mosqueda y Elito Revé
50 movimientos/Cotó & Ecos del Caribe Ft.
Estoy enamorao/Cotó & Ecos del Caribe Ft. Mandy Cantero
Legado/Los Van Van
Hecho pa’ bailar/Los Van Van Ft. Mandy Cantero
Vanvaneo/Los Van Van
Que lo que hace Ud./Pedro Lugo Martínez ‘El Nene’ & Estrellas de Areito
Cemento, ladrillo y arena/Pedro Lugo Martínez ‘El Nene’ & Estrellas de Areito
Señorita/ Pedro Lugo Martínez ‘El Nene’ & Estrellas de Areito
En Guantánamo/Alejandro Falcón y Enrique Pla Ft. Carlos Calunga
El guajiro de Cunagua/Alejandro Falcón y Enrique Pla Ft. Haydee Milanes

Everything Must Go playlist for 05/20/2023

Gisele and Denis are filling in!

Trim Mix Party playlist for 05/19/2023


Fermented Radio playlist for 05/19/2023

Friday 10a to Noon

Denis McNamara joins us this morning

Commencement at 11a today - this edition of Fermented Radio is 60 mins.

Please support non-commercial independant radio by contributing at https://wusb.fm/donate

Friday Nite Free-Form playlist for 05/19/2023


Unclassic Rock playlist for 05/19/2023

tracks played include:

April March & Staplin - "Lay Down Snow White"
Beware Of Darkness - "Welcome Home"
CTMF - "Love Can Lose"
Dat Politics - "Optic Games"
David Bowie - "Golden Years" (TokiMonsta Remix)
Decisive Pink with Kate NV & Deradoorian - "Dopamine"
Dim Wizard with Superviolet & Jeff Rosenstock & illuminati hotties - "Ride the Vibe"
Freak Slug - "27 Club"
Holy Wave & Estrella del Sol - "Happier"
HotWax - "A Thousand Times"
Juniper - "Alone with You"
The KVB - "Pictures Of Matchstick Men"
Laurie Biagini - "Ridin' The Wave"
Librarians With Hickeys - "I See You"
Liz Cooper & The Stampede - "Fondly & Forever" (Far Out Version)
Local Natives - "NYE"
M - "Pop Muzik" (Latin Version)
Macula Dog - "Neosporin" (Otto Remix)
Moreish Idols - "Chum"
Paint Fumes - "Starting Over"
Plastic Palms - "Heat"
Queens of the Stone Age - "Emotion Sickness"
Ransom and the Subset - "Perfect Crime"
Sam Roberts Band - "I Dream Of You"
Strange Magic - "D.A.R.E."
Sunfruits - "End Of The World"
White Denim - "Hired Hand"
Why Bother? - "The Quiet One"
Yot Club - "Day Shift"

Jukebox Time Machine playlist for 05/18/2023

Instrument Song titles

The "In" Crowd playlist for 05/18/2023