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Blue Grass Time playlist for 07/14/2021

2 hours of bluegrass!

Hot Wax playlist for 07/14/2021


Cafe`Ali playlist for 07/13/2021

Finn's Revolution playlist for 07/13/2021

Musician, remixer, producer, activist, anarchist SCOTT CROW talks new remixes with legendary Adrian Sherwood, chaos, and much more,,,,,,, https://emergencyhearts.com

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 07/13/2021

The In The Studio Show

More Cowbell playlist for 07/12/2021

Blues/ Rock/R&B

Trim Mix Party playlist for 07/12/2021

da inna circle playlist

Down Home Country playlist for 07/11/2021

Join The JoJo Sunday Noon For Some Down Home Country!! We'll Have All The Best In Classic Country Music And Than Some!! So Come Join In For The Fastest Hour Of Your Life Right Here On 90.1FM Or On www.wusb.fm

Jazz On The Air playlist for 07/11/2021

Hosted by Mr. Edison

Homegrown Long Island playlist for 07/10/2021

Today's live musical guest is Fred Raimondo

Gabe's Flight playlist for 07/10/2021


1. Canto a Elegguá/Sexto Sentido
2. Homenaje/Adonis & Osaín del Monte Ft. Rubén Bulnes
3. La cafetera/Yoruba Andabo Ft. Ronald González
4. Esa chica es mía/Titanes de la Timba Ft. Mandy Cantero
5. Sin Darte Cuenta/Titanes de la Timba Ft. Yulaysi Miranda
6. Yo La Agarro/Titanes de la Timba Ft. Emilio Frías 'El Niño'
7. Yo soy así/Pupy & Los que Son Son
8. Deja la magia/Pupy & Los que Son Son
9. La fiera/Pupy & Los que Son Son
10. Mas rollo que película/Alexander Abreu & Habana D’Primera.
11. El buey cansao/Alexander Abreu & Habana D’Primera
12. Mamaíta no quiere/Alexander Abreu & Habana D’Primera
13. Complicación/Tito Puente Ft. Santitos Colón
14. Estoy siempre junto a ti/Tito Puente Ft. Santitos Colón
15. Saca tu mujer/Tito Puente Ft. Santitos Colón
16. María Cervantes (A Noro Morales)/Tito Puente Latin Ensemble
17. Sophisticated Lady/Tito Puente Latin Ensemble
18. Bluesette//Tito Puente Latin Ensemble
19. Llego la timba/Paulito FG & La Elite
20. La cosa mala/Emilio Frías ‘El Niño’ & La Verdad Ft. JG
21. La fiesta perfecta/Marquetti & Habana Swing