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Melting World playlist for 02/19/2023

Manuel Göttsching (1952-2022) memorial pt3
This morning we play his most influential composition E2-E4 in its entirety
The bridge between analog synth music of the 70's and the house and techno genres
Music from the Ash Ra Temple 2000 reunion and Ashra from the 1997 Dutch KLEM DAG festival

The Metal Spiral playlist for 02/19/2023

Playing the best metal and rock tunes on Long Island.

Down Home Country playlist for 02/19/2023

GENE CASEY hosted. In honor of Black History Month we celebrated African American artists performing country music.

Threat Level Midnight playlist for 02/18/2023


Sunrise Angels playlist for 02/18/2023

Through A Glass Darkly playlist for 02/18/2023

Progressive rock tracks surround tributes to artists we've lost over the past few months, including Burt Bacharach, Tom Verlaine, Dino Danelli, and David Crosby.

Listen to this episode here: https://on.soundcloud.com/4TTDp

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Unclassic Rock playlist for 02/18/2023

Tracks played include:

Bad Bad Hats - "Super America"
Bully & Soccer Mommy - "Lose You"
Caleb Jacobs & Richard Cuthbert - "It Came and Went"
Dionne Warwick - "Promises, Promises"
Dreamscape - "So Far from Belief"
Flyying Colours - "Goodbye to Music"
Hawkwind - "Kings of Speed"
Healing Potpourri - "Here"
The High Water Marks - "Trouble From The East"
Hooray For Earth - "La Que"
Jacuzzi Boys - "On the Ropes"
José González - "Visions"
King Tuff - "The Bandits Of Blue Sky"
Laurie Biagini - "On with the Show"
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - "Halfway Crooks"
M83 - "Water Deep / Oceans Niagara"
Meg Baird - "The Saddest Verses"
Miss Grit - "Nothing's Wrong"
Molly - "So To Speak"
Nitefolk & Alicia Widar - "Denial"
Ok Otter - "The Rat King"
Patti Rothberg - "Guy in a Store"
The Reds, Pinks and Purples - "Life in the Void"
Steve Mason - "The People Say"
Superchunk - "Everything Hurts"
Sweet Baboo - "Herbie"
Tiny Microphone - "Sound Advice"
Wings of Desire - "Runnin'"

Gabe's Flight playlist for 02/18/2023


Canto a Eleggua/Mercedita Valdes & Yoruba Andabo
Cuele, cuele/Grupo Rumboleros
Ritmo criollo/Grupo Rumboleros
Linda Habana/Grupo Rumboleros
Nadie se salva de la rumba/Yuliet Abreu 'La Papina'
Que le den candela/Yuliet Abreu 'La Papina'
Tres gotas/Yuliet Abreu 'La Papina'
Los Sitio Asere /ACAS Ft. Felix Baloy
Alto Songo/ACAS Ft. Emilio Suarez & Juan De Marcos
El Son de Baloy/ACAS Ft. Felix Baloy
Yo bailo con la más fea/Grupo Sierra Maestra
Trompeta querida/Grupo Sierra Maestra
Elena la cumbanchera/Grupo Sierra Maestra
Guarapo, pimienta y sal/Pancho Amat & El Cabildo del Son
La cocainómana/Pancho Amat & El Cabildo del Son Ft. Silvio Rodríguez
Sorpresa de harína con boniato/Pancho Amat & El Cabildo del Son Ft. William Borrego
Caballo viejo/Kiki Valera & Son Cubano Ft. Carlos Cascante
La guajira/Kiki Valera & Son Cubano Ft. Raquel Zozaya
Marijuana/Kiki Valera & Son Cubano Ft. Carlos Cascante
Palmeras/Toña la Negra & Orq. Pablo Peregrino
Mentira Salome/Toña la Negra & Orq. Pablo Peregrino
La cumbancha/Toña la Negra & Orq. Pablo Peregrino
A moment's Notice/Rachel Therrien
Mojo/Rachel Therrien
Con Alma/Rachel Therrien

Trim Mix Party playlist for 02/17/2023

guests philo$oul x awol da mind writer x jHershey x mr e Babylon

Fermented Radio playlist for 02/17/2023

Fridy 10am to Noon

Denis McNamara sits in and Carolyn Marosy is our guest today.


A Visual Sound playlist for 02/17/2023

includes pre-recorded interview guest James Rewolinski discussing music's importance in skateboarding

The Graveyard Shift playlist for 02/16/2023

Week 2! Once again no theme, vaguely Valentine's Day-related at some points?

Steve K's Radio Kaos playlist for 02/16/2023

Tribute to the late Burt Bacharach,some Dylan from the newly released Bootleg Series Vol 17 Fragments Time Out Of Mind 1996-97,The Soul Set at 10 plus a tribute to the late Huey Piano Smith

With The Beatles playlist for 02/16/2023

Todays show

Well Look at the Ed Sullivan Performances, new releases and other fun stuff.

Plus a happy early birthday to Yoko Ono

Plus a Burt Bacharach tribute and few on this date in Beatles history.

On-Air Training with Cut Supreme playlist for 02/16/2023

that boom bap hiphop plus tribute to trugoy and stump da cape