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Melting World playlist for 10/22/2023

Full Power Spacerock, Psyche, Progressive, and Krautrock with
Yuri Gagarian (Sweden), Sonar (Switzerland), Hawkwind, Nik Turner (UK)
New music from
Oulu Space Jam Collective (Finland), Electric Orange (Germany),
Pilot Voyager (Hungary) in the Cosmic Hour

Jazz On The Air playlist for 10/22/2023

Carla Bley Farewell
Hosted by Mr. Edison

Heart Song Radio playlist for 10/22/2023

Devon D'Real Toney
Jerry Tenzie

The Rock Roundup playlist for 10/22/2023


Friday Nite Free-Form playlist for 10/21/2023

Join Captain Phil as he assembles the Star Trek review team for a free-wheeling, in-depth outer space review of Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 2!
We'll have such intergalactic notables as MaryBeth Rikouski and Michael Rizzo of Sci-Fi Distilled (https://www.facebook.com/distilled)! Roy Bjellquist of Roy's Tie Dye Sci-Fi Corner (https://www.facebook.com/roystiedyescificorner) and Brilliant Science Fiction Author and frequent guest on Captain Phil's Planet Paul Levinson (https://www.amazon.com/.../Paul.../author/B000APZZZK...).

Ménage à trois playlist for 10/21/2023

feat cole

No Apologies playlist for 10/21/2023

Carla Bley

Gabe's Flight playlist for 10/21/2023


Trim Mix Party playlist for 10/20/2023


Fermented Radio playlist for 10/20/2023

Friday 10a to Noon

Denis McNamara joins along this morning

Freaky Friday playlist for 10/20/2023

Unclassic Rock playlist for 10/20/2023

tracks played include:

Black Rainbows - "Superhero Dopeproof" / "Golden Widow"
Blume - "All Out Of..."
Golden Grass - "Out on the Road" / "Stuck on a Mountain"
John Massoni - "Bridge to Heaven" (Sonic Boom Bass Remix)
King Buffalo - "Longing to Be the Mountain" / "Eye of the Storm"
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - "Dilemma Us from Evil"
Slomosa - "In My Mind's Desert"
Swan Valley Heights - "Vaporizer Woman"
The Who - "Won't Get Fooled Again" (Lifehouse Chronicles / Demo)
Yawning Balch - "A Moment Expanded (A Form Constant)"

Jukebox Time Machine playlist for 10/19/2023

Ages song titles

The Flip Side playlist for 10/19/2023

Clam Radio playlist for 10/19/2023

It's simple. STOP THE WAR. Fighting's out of style. Come on!

Captain Phil's Planet playlist for 10/19/2023

Thursday the WUSB FUll Power signal will bring you the Halloween edition of Captain Phils Planet featuring Ross Amico!

The Captain and Ross will examine some Classic Halloween music including Renaissance, Bartok and a secret spooky classic list curated by Ross Amico. Prepare to scare as we go over some terrific seasonal music as the Pumpkin Spice flows and the children roam in search of sucrose!

Ross Amico is the host of Picture Perfect which airs Fridays at 8:00 PM and The Lost Chord which airs Saturdays at 7:00 PM EDT.

Ross Amico has been involved in radio broadcasting since 1986. He spent nearly ten years in community radio, after phoning in to a request show and being told he knew more about classical music than the program director. During that time, his shows originated from WMUH Allentown (the radio station of Muhlenberg College) and nearby WXLV Schnecksville (at Lehigh-Carbon Community College).

Currently, Ross can be heard on KWAX (https://kwax.uoregon.edu/) on Saturdays at 7:00 pm for The Lost Chord and Fridays at 8:00 pm for Picture Perfect.

The Bayou playlist for 10/19/2023

The Love in the Time of Gaza; what's so funny about peace, love, and understanding; Joe Hill; Give Peace A Chance Edition