Tales & Music of Bear, Paddy Malone, Jerry Garcia on Fermented Radio

Join us this Friday. December 16 at 10:00 am for an extra special Fermented Radio. 

Host Marc Greene welcomes back Executive Director Bill “Hawk” Semens and Pete Bell of the Owsley Stanley Foundation. These keepers of Bear’s Sonic legacy continue to dip into the incredible wealth of Owsley’s audio archives, the Sonic Journals he captured while working as sound engineer with numerous acts both inside and outside of the Grateful Dead’s immediate family.

The most recent addition is the wonderful The Foxhunt: The Chieftains in San Francisco, 1973 & 1976, capturing a pair of performances by Paddy Maloney’s Irish folk legends, including a set opening for Old and In the Way performed at Jerry Garcia’s invitation.

The gang at the Owsley Stanley Foundation continues to sift through Bear’s tapes, checking and double-checking to make sure they find everything, and this year they found a few somethings.

Tune in at 10:00 am this Friday.  Tales of Bear, Paddy Malone, Jerry Garcia and much more.

This Week on Destinies

This week, Destinies sets the TARDIS to the afternoon of November 21, 2021, where, at the Long Island Doctor Who convention, author John Peel discusses his work on the Doctor Who spin-off projects featuring UNIT and The Brigadier, in part one of a two-part presentation.

Tune in Friday night, as John Peel makes his long-awaited 10th appearance to talk about how he came to write novels and later audio books about Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and the members of the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.

You'll also learn about the life of a freelance writer, and the demands of publishers.

In addition, John recalls his encounters with various Doctor Who actors, including Jon Levene and Anthony Ainley, at conventions over the years.

Friday, December 9th, at 11:30 PM.
Hosted by Howard Margolin.

Amanda Lee Falkenberg and Izzy Meth Interviews on Captain Phil's Planet


Join Captain Phil along with Maria Zozulya, Jonathan Benz and MaryBeth Ritkouski for this lively chat with composer Amanda Lee Falkenberg about her new work, The Moons Symphony an orchestral piece centered on 6 moons from the outer solar system and one very familiar moon in our backyard.

Amanda talks about her inspiration from the Voyager missions and her collaborations with NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott, her choices of subject matter and the inspiration of current space research has had on out sense of wonder. Then at 4:30pm join me for a live interview with musician and composer Izzy Meth as he updates us on his musical journey, his new compositions and more! All this on your favorite planet....Captain Phil's Planet!

Airs Thursday, December 1 from 6-8 PM. 

Twisted Sister’s JJ French Talks Documentary on Tom Needham’s SOUNDS OF FILM

Long Island Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame Inductee JJ French will be joining Tom Needham for an extended conversation about his documentary We Are Twisted F***ING Sister. The film focuses on the ten grueling years leading up to Twisted Sister's commercial breakthrough as they cross-dressed their way all over Long Island bars and clubs to super-stardom.
Twisted Sister items will be featured prominently at the Long Island Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame’s grand opening on November 25th. For more information, visit https://www.limusichalloffame.org

The Sounds of Film is the nation's longest-running film themed radio show. For over 27 years, the program has delivered a popular mix of interviews and music to listeners all over Long Island, parts of Connecticut and streaming live on the Internet. Recent guests include Billy Joel, Reverend Jesse Jackson, director Rory Kennedy, Gasland's Josh Fox, Michael Moore, Darryl DMC McDaniels, Congressman Steve Israel and Jim Breuer.

Worldwide listeners can tune into the Sounds of Film internet livestream on Thursday at 6 pm EST at wusb.fm.

Friday, November 11 on Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction


This week, Destinies joins in WUSB's Fall Radiothon with an exclusive preview of next weekend's Meglos 2022: The Long Island Doctor Who Convention.

Tune in Friday night, as showrunner Ken Deep returns to discuss the guests and events scheduled for the convention, which will be held on November 18th, 19th and 20th at the Holiday Inn in Holtsville.

Learn which Doctor and companions will be in attendance. Find out about the rare in-costume photo opportunity with the Doctor.

Discover which guest-stars, creature actors, and authors will provide behind-the-scenes information about the 59-year-old series.

Hear about the panel discussions and debut movie screenings that you can see. And get in on the chance to receive Doctor Who and British TV-related premiums for your pledge of support to WUSB during the show.

Friday, November 11th, at 11:30 PM.
Hosted by Howard Margolin with Ken Deep.
Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction