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Health Matters on June 23 and 30

Tune in for the next episode of Health Matters, airing June 23, 7pm, featuring guests Dr. Marisa Bisiani, AVP, & Dr. Rick Gatteau, VP, Student Affairs & CSO SBU Lawrence Zacarese, Esq.

Hot Wax Radio Presents: Berger & Frank's BBQ

This Friday, June 21, Ryan & Frank, host of WUSB's Hot Wax radio show, release their new movie, Berger & Frank's BBQ on VHS tape and streaming online!

In the heart of Long Island, a beloved radio station, WUSB 90.1FM, faces a grave threat from a ruthless T.C.P. conglomerate led by The Corporate Pigs and the infamous Stinky Pete. As the community's spirit is at stake, two unlikely heroes - Berger, a skateboarding hamburger and Frank, a clumsy hot dog - set out to save the station and preserve the soul of Long Island's radio. With their friends from the underground music scene, they uncover the truth behind the takeover and plan the most epic fundraising concert ever, "The BBQ." Join Berger and Frank on their wild adventure as they navigate the challenges and fight for the airwaves, proving that even the most unassuming heroes can make a difference.

Filmmaker Maren Poitras is FINDING THE MONEY on Tom Needham's THE SOUNDS OF FILM

Get ready to embark on a thought-provoking journey with "FINDING THE MONEY," where American economist Stephanie Kelton explores the controversial world of Modern Money Theory (MMT). Kelton challenges the conventional wisdom surrounding the National Debt Clock, arguing that the ever-increasing numbers we see are not a burden on taxpayers or future generations. Instead, she posits that this "debt" represents the total amount of dollars created by the US federal government that now serve as assets in our hands.


This program airs Thursday, June 20 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.


Join us for the 33rd Annual Summer Reggae Marathon on WUSB Stony Brook! Celebrate the vibrant sounds of reggae with us from July 4th at 10:00 PM through Sunday, July 7th.

Tune in to experience non-stop reggae rhythms and vibes brought to you by our talented hosts. DJs and special guests! Don't miss this musical marathon that captures the essence of summer and reggae.