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This week on Destinies - The Voice of Science Fiction

This week, Destinies brings a local author back to the studio to talk about his latest novel.

Tune in Friday night, as Stony Brook alumnus J.H. Nadler returns to discuss The Books of Alexandrea Book 2: The Between.

How has Alexandrea Hawthorne adapted to the fact that she can now wield magic? Why does her cousin, Rosemary, seem to have a natural aptitude for the mystic arts? What is The Between?

And, what will happen to the members of The Book Club when they join Alex's quest to find The Library of magic?

Find out on Friday, October 14th, when J.H. Nadler makes his second appearance to answer these and other questions, and performs a scene from the book with host Howard Margolin.

And, stay tuned after the show for a "Destinies Archives Mini-Marathon" featuring J.H. Nadler's first interview, from earlier this year, as well as Destinies' 14th anniversary special, from 1997.

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