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Weather or Not playlist for 09/15/2009

The 1st ever show!

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/15/2009

TODAY OUR FEATURED GUEST IS IVAN ELAND, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at The Independent Institute; 15 years working for Congress on national security issues; author of Partitioning for Peace: An Exit Strategy for Iraq, Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty, The Empire Has No Clothes: U.S. Foreign Policy Exposed and Putting “Defense” Back into U.S. Defense Policy. author of 45 in-depth studies on national security issues.

... and the music of Golden Smog

Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/15/2009

Missing Moms Love. Thoughts for Lister...Eddie Hazel Plays Maggot Brain,Reflecting on his mothers Passing away.

Community Chest playlist for 09/15/2009

Tuesday fill-in

Dob's Love Army playlist for 09/14/2009

Dob's Alternating Show!
Show Name TBA

For requests:

For local showcase:
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THE SCENE LIFE (Your Music. Your Art. Your Film. Your Scene)

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 09/14/2009

Tix to giveaway: Steeleye Span, Robin Trower

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 09/14/2009

Big Wayne is giving you the best of cool out old school R&B along with new soul!!

BQE playlist for 09/12/2009

What what? Happy Friday! http://twitter.com/gagathos

The Melting Pot playlist for 09/12/2009

Finn filling in for the living legend Joe C

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 09/11/2009

ERIC COPELAND - Corn on the Cob 02:48
ERIC COPELAND - Al Anon 03:58
ERIC COPELAND - Wolfman 04:01
PATRICK COWLEY & Jorge Socarras - Memory Fails Me 04:20
DINKY- Fadik 04:25
DINKY - Epilepsia 08:28
GANYMED - Future World 06:53
GUSGUS - Bremen Cowboy 07:53
FIVE GREEN CIRCLE - Verse 2 the Chorus 06:55
YACHT - I'm In Love With A Ripper [Party Mix] - (remix) 05:18
YACHT - Summer Song 03:34
RAINBOW ARABIA - Let Them Dance [Brenmar Remix] 03:36
RAINBOW ARABIA - Omar K [Ghosts on Tape Remix] 04:34
RAINBOW ARABIA - Holiday in Congo 03:58
10 FT GANJA PLANT - The Cyclops 04:42
SWEET TRIP - Untitled 04:04
FRUIT BATS - Primitive Man 03:24
FRUIT BATS - My Unusual Friend 04:02
FRUIT BATS - Blessed Breeze 04:45
FRUIT BATS - Feather Bed 03:44
FRUIT BATS - Flamingo 04:01
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - If Our Love Fails 03:27
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Johnny's Theme 02:11
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Dixie Cups In the Dead Grass 02:39
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Inland Towns 02:52
SKYGREEN LEOPARDS - Paid By the Hour 02:28
DOWNPILOT - All The Ghosts Will Walk 03:55
DOWNPILOT - Chelsea Turnaround 03:45
WILCO - You and I 03:26
WILCO - Wilco (The Song) 02:59

Lunchtime playlist for 09/11/2009

11am to 1pm Fridays --- Lunchtime -- a weekly show about Music and Food

Full album side of Bruce Springsteen's Debut - Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J. Side A!!!!

Dan marshall in the studio sharing his original songs from The Dan marshall band and recently in Nashville.

Recitation of those University Community Members who perished on 9/11/01

Recipe for Meat and Poultry Seasoning --General All Purpose Seasoning -- Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, and Paprika. That's it!!!

Oprah's Handbag playlist for 09/11/2009