Lunchtime playlist for 04/15/2010

Weekly Musical Buffet .... Food for your ears!

Full album Side today from The Good rats ... 1974 debut TASTY... Side A in its entiriety.

Tune in again next week at 11am for more Lunchtime.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 04/15/2010

real underground hiphop this weeks guest anubis and pheonix flames plus a interview with ra the rugged man and a tribute to hell razah

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 04/16/2010

(Fill-In for Bustin' Out Blue, normally heard 3rd Friday of the month)

1. MANTLER - Fortune Smiled Again (5:34)
2. LAWRENCE ARABIA - Look Like A Fool (4:40)
3. APPLES IN STEREO - Floating In Space (2:34)
4. APPLES IN STEREO - No Vacation (3:56)
5. APPLES IN STEREO - Dignified Dignitary (3:22)
6. APPLES IN STEREO - Next Year About the Same Time (3:08)
7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Girls FM (3:00)
8. MONSTER MOVIES - Bored Beyond Oblivion (2:59)
9. SERENA MANEESH- Melody for Jaana (5:52)
10. SERENA MANEESH - Magdalena (6:06)
11. NICE NICE - A Little Love (4:04)
12. NICE NICE - Big Bounce (4:04)
13. NICE NICE - Everything Falling Apart (2:58)
14. BLACK TAMBOURINE _ Throw Aggi Off The Bridge (3:16)
15. BLACK TAMBOURINE _ Can't Explain (2:23)
16. POLYSICS - Shout Aloud (2:54)
17. METHOD ACTORS - Commotion (4:52)
18. METHOD ACTORS - No Condition (4:02)
20. EDDY CURRENT SUPPRESSION RING - I Got a Feeling (2:35)
21. COCONUTS - silver lights (7:31)
22. MUGSTAR - Furklausunbo (13:34)
23. OBSKURIA - Screaming Like a Whirlwind (4:58)
24. OBSKURIA - why (5:18)
25. DISAPPEARS - Gone Completely (2:37)

Steve K playlist for 04/14/2010

The White Room playlist for 04/13/2010

Birthday celebrants Muddy Waters, Merle Haggard, Billie Holiday, Carl Perkins, Jack Casady, Bessie Smith, a 420 salute and some local artists!

Pre-Sunrise Mix playlist for 04/13/2010

Hi WUSB Pre-Sunrise Music Mix listeners. A correction was made to this playlist. The number 22
track was posted as [Artist: Teav Clermont, Album: Audiose My Angel, Track: Sandmines]. That was corrected to [Artist: Audiose My Angel, Album: Kinetic Kinship, Track: Sandmines]. Thanks for listening to WUSB 90.1 FM, and especially to the Pre-Sunrise Music Mix. GaryC

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 04/11/2010

Love your girl day!!

Beginnings playlist for 04/10/2010

Album bites, ticket giveaways for Good Rats & Dan Hicks, Cowsills "with new ears"

Clam Radio playlist for 04/10/2010

Zappathon 2010 : Frank Zappa music and fractions there of.

Mrs Chester's Coffeehouse playlist for 04/10/2010

20s thru 50s with an emphasis on vanilla artists plus new tracks to show I am hep to the step

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 04/09/2010

Zappathon Warmup

Unsported Live playlist for 04/09/2010

Deb (Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff), Debbie (Downhome Country), Eve (The White Room/The Long Island Sound) and Habanero (Whatever Floats Yer Boat) filling in for the usual Unsported crew.

Thanks to Bob Longman for engineering!

Condolences to Rosanne (Cheap Thrills) who was unable to join us at the last minute due to a family emergency.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 04/08/2010

special 80's throwback show for the wusb 80's marathon