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Skagasm playlist for 04/22/2011

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 04/22/2011

tonite's theme: hOw-tO-sPeLl tUnE-yArDs

1. tUnE-yArDs - My Country
2. WEBELOS - Mating Season
3. DREAMDATE - Make It Last
4. DOM - I Wonder
5. PAPERCUTS - Chills
6. CUT COPY - Where I'm Going
7. ALL TINY CREATURES - Tine Feature
8. RADIOHEAD - Separator
10. STARFUCKER - Julius
11. BEACH FOSSILS - What a Pleasure
12. TITLE TRACKS - Winners Cry
13. BABIES - Run Me Over
14. DEATH SET - Can You Seen Straight
15. CRYSTAL STILTS - Half a Moon
16. CRYSTAL STILTS - Precarious Stair
17. HOTELS - From The West
18. LUMERIANS - Hashshashin
19. ROSCO - Kicks
20. NO JOY - Ghost Blonde
21. PAINS OF BEING PURE AT HEART - Heaven's Gonna Happen Now
22. IS IS - Eating Hourglasses
24. JONNY - Wich is Wich
25. DEATH SET - Kittens Inspired By Kittens
26. THE CURIOUS MYSTERY - Cool Kids In Tha Valley
27. LOW ANTHEM - Hey All You Hippies

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Mix Tape playlist for 04/21/2011

420 special 12:30 and beyond

Clam Radio playlist for 04/21/2011

We examine some of Paul Simon's latest offering, "So Beautiful or So What? And in part two we celebrate the birthdays of songwriter Meryl Mathews, guitarist Rich Stein and comedian Elaine May.

Infinite Audio playlist for 04/21/2011


An Eclectic Mess playlist for 04/20/2011

New Hank 3 what can I say?

Blue Grass Time playlist for 04/20/2011

2 hours of bluegrass music from 6-8 PM

Blues At Dawn playlist for 04/20/2011


Swedish Salmon Paste playlist for 04/20/2011


Everything Is Broken playlist for 04/19/2011

Our featured guest today is Steve Farnsworth. Steve teaches courses in political communication and journalism at George Mason University. He is the author or co-author of four books, including Spinner in Chief: How Presidents Sell Their Policies and Themselves (Paradigm Press) and The Nightly News Nightmare: Media Coverage of U.S. Presidential Elections, 1988-2008 (Rowman & Littlefield, third edition). http://www.amazon.com/Spinner-Chief-Presidents-Policies-Themselves/dp/15...

Steve was a Canada-U.S. Fulbright Research Scholar at McGill University in Montreal and worked for ten years as a daily newspaper journalist before becoming an academic, mostly with the Kansas City Star & Times. sfarnswo@gmu.edu

We will also hear from J. David Gray – our resident scribe – for another segment of our SYNERGY project. My image “night stalker” inspired David’s essay. be sure to view the image at http://tinyurl.com/lvgvsr or http://www.jimlynchphotography.com in the new images gallery. David’s other writings can be found at http://word-smith.typepad.com/wordsmith

Wake and Bake playlist for 04/19/2011

Panic in Asheville NC, various other surprises

Jim Dexter playlist for 04/19/2011

Jim's show for Tuesday April 19, 2011

Overture playlist for 04/19/2011

Habanero filling in for BAM today.

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Long Island Liberty Calendar
APRIL 2011

19 TUE @ 7:00
LI Progressive Coalition
(516) 541-1006

25 MON @ 7:00
3rd Party Club

28 THU @ 7:00
Patriot Games Forum
(516) 541-1006

MAY 2001

5 THU @ 7:00
American Pragmatism
Philosophical Discussion Group
Plainview Library
(718) 281 5038

13 FRI @ 8:00
The Arab Spring: Portents & Possibilities
Phyllis Bennis, Fellow of The Institute for Policy Studies
5 Towns Forum
Hewlett Library
(516) 623-5689

The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 04/19/2011

kicks in style!