Everything Is Broken playlist for 04/02/2013

TOMORROW, TUESDAY 4/2; 1-2:30PM. This program will take a closer look at the nuclear disaster in Japan – Fukushima. This one is not for the faint of heart. this is well beyond “brokenness” as we usually frame it.

Our featured guest is Cecile Pineda. Cecile Pineda has been an anti-war activist from early life. More than ever, she has turned her attention to issues affecting the sustainability of the planet. Her novels have been critically acclaimed, with Face winning the Commonwealth Club of California Gold Medal—a record for first fiction, the Sue Kaufman Prize, and a National Book Award Nomination. Her picaresque novel, The Love Queen of the Amazon, written with a NEA Fiction Fellowship was named a Notable Book of the Year by The New York Times. All her published work is available from in book and e-book format. Devil’s Tango is Pineda’s anguished search for a way to come to grips with the catastrophic consequences of the disaster still unfolding at Fukushima Daiichi.

Jim Dexter playlist for 04/02/2013

Jim's Show for Tuesday April 2, 2013

Finn's Revolution playlist for 04/02/2013

Tonight, STRONG ISLAND DERBY REVOLUTION Roller Girls are on the air getting ready for their Season Opener this Saturday, and they've got pairs of tickets for a $25 pledge to WUSB! Give us a call and get ready to get some fishnet burn rinkside!

Robot Radio playlist for 04/02/2013

Today is Now!! but is now today???

Say Whats Radio playlist for 04/01/2013

Special April Fools Show!

BQE playlist for 03/31/2013

Zombie Jesus edition

Down Home Country playlist for 03/31/2013

Debbie did an all-gospel show to honor Easter Sunday.

Hopscotch playlist for 03/31/2013

All new indie music!

The Overnightmare playlist for 03/30/2013

the rock n roll daddy has done passed on

Trim Mix Party playlist for 03/30/2013

real underground hiphop boom bap extended version this week we started at 10pm and we went to the break of dawn with a new top 15 and a dope tyme machine

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 03/28/2013

Mark Klein's Fri.morning
Blues Warehouse (8-10am)

Lunchtime playlist for 03/29/2013

Friday 10 am to Noon