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morning classical playlist for 05/18/2010

presenting the violins du roy performing baroque music with bernard labadie - conducting this 15 peice chamber group this compact disc in on a dorian recorded compact disc released in 1998 www.dorian.com 1-518-274-5475 for more information to this label

Community Chest playlist for 05/18/2010

30 years without Ian Curtis

Everything Is Broken playlist for 05/17/2010

TODAY we have a great show lined up - our FEATURED INTERVIEW is with Marlen Bodden. She has more than 20 years on the front lines representing disadvantaged and immigrant workers in New York. She tapped into this experience and knowledge of human trafficking, human rights abuses, and modern day slavery to write her first novel, The Wedding Gift, set in pre-Civil War times and based on an actual Alabama court case. Bodden is a graduate of Tufts University and earned her law degree from New York University School of Law. http://www.marlenbodden.com/

J. David Gray will join us for another segment of our SYNERGY project. he will read his essay inspired by the image "Crash Pad" - be sure to view the image at http://tinyurl.com/lvgvsr or http://www.jimlynchphotography.com here is also a link to David's other writings: http://word-smith.typepad.com/wordsmith

We are featuring the swamp blues of Tab Benoit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tab_Benoit

Jim Dexter playlist for 05/17/2010

Tuesday 5/18/10 7-9am

Finn's Revolution playlist for 05/17/2010

Congrats to Jill who'll be checking out DECONSTRUCTING SGT PEPPER Thursday, and to Barry & Dan who'll be scoping a performance by PREMIK Friday, both in Huntington, http://www.cinemaartscentre.org Thanks to all callers & listeners!!

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 05/16/2010

Diggin' in da 80s crate and beyond!!

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 05/15/2010

Tonight is the last show of Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff. The show is a special 2 hour extended version of DSLTRAS, and features some of my favorite songs that I've played on this show over the past 3 years.

Thank you to all my listeners for your support. I hope to be back on the air at some point later this year.


Lunchtime playlist for 05/13/2010

Food for your mind. A veritable buffet of musical delights with a sprinkling of good 'ol comedy. What's better than a tasty meal and hearty laugh?

Our specials today begin with no typical album side; it's Paul Simon's "Still Crazy After All These Years" we're offering a full helping of Side One

Speaking of cuisine, we'll get back to our Slow Cooked BBQ Beef Brisket recipe in the second hour.

Next week is Commencement here at the University. Most likely there will be time for an abbreviated Lunchtime following the ceremony; otherwise we'll return on the twenty-eigth. So until then happy trails ....

Trim Mix Party playlist for 05/13/2010

every week best of the boom bap underground hiphop back from a 2 week road tour watch us live or recorded on ustream.com and ubroadcast.com

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 05/14/2010

1) WOODPIGEON - Die Stadt Muzikanten 03:46
2) NEW PORNOGRAPHERS - We End Up Together 05:46
3) MEMORYHOUSE - Gian Lorenzo Bernini 03:14
4) DUM DUM GIRLS - Rest of Our Lives 03:01
5) BROKEN BELLS - Your Head Is on Fire 03:04
6) BROKEN BELLS - The High Road 03:52
7) GOSPEL GOSSIP - Sippy Cup 02:56
8) GOSPEL GOSSIP - Ponds 04:18
10) BONNIE PRINCE BILLY AND THE CAIRO GANG - With Cornstalls Among Them 03:07
11) AVI BUFFALO - Can't I Know 04:29
12) AVI BUFFALO - Truth Sets In 03:35
13) WORLD ATLAS - Saint Mary 03:58
14) WORLD ATLAS - The Winter Stories 04:19
15) WOODS - Blood Dries Darker 04:29
16) DOVEMAN - David Dunlap 04:26
17) HOORAY FOR EARTH - Surrounded By Your Friends 03:25
18) HOORAY FOR EARTH - Comfortable Comparable 05:58
19) SOUNDPOOL - Makes No Sense 03:32
20) SOUNDPOOL - Kite Of Love 05:02
21) SOUNDPOOL - I'm So Tired 06:19
22) DOVES - Words 05:44
23) DOVES - Catch the Sun 04:48
24) VERVE - Lucky Man 05:55
25) BOXER REBELLION - Flashing Red Light Means Go 05:24
26) BOXER REBELLION - Move On 04:17
27) BELLS IN CAIRO - Jules Bastien-Lepage 04:47
28) SONOI - Clouds 05:23

Finn's Revolution playlist for 05/12/2010

Thanks to all callers & listeners! Congrats to Kimberly who will be checking out the film EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP in Huntington this week - http://www.cinemaartscentre.org

Steve K playlist for 05/12/2010

Door Jams....new Black Keys..Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder