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Lunchtime playlist for 10/16/2009

LUNCHTIME is a weekly Friday mid-day program serving up deliciously sounding music/tales of real life experience ... like the boy in the bubble who (didn't) float in a kite/balloon yesterday. Fortunately he was just hiding in the garage

But seriously IT"S RADIOTHON and the heat is turned up in the kitchen for this special Radiothon Edition of Lunchtime.

First it's four of my favorites music released in the past year (2009), Played two sets of these because we're WUSB and if it feels good than we do it!

Today's Album Side is a B Side that we played the A side to a few weeks back. Dire Straits, 1978 recording Dire Straits Side B.

This week's Recipe in the Noon Hour is my very own Chicken Parmesean. Believe me it's as tasty s the licks Mark Knopfler lays down, and perfect for a stormy day like today.

Seriously, thanks for going to our website and finding this playlist. Since you're an advanced computer user, how 'bout showing WUSB some love during Radiohon. Remember we need all the help you can provide, and thanks for tuning in for Lunchtime..... we'll be back next week at 11am and it will still be radiothon (just in case you haven't yet shown your sign of support) !!!

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 10/16/2009

The First Friday Night Show

Community Chest playlist for 10/14/2009

Midnight Invasion fill-in Edition

Congrats to Chris K. & Anthony S. who won tickets to see Queensryche at Capital One Bank Theatre at Westbury on 10/25

Everything Is Broken playlist for 10/13/2009

OUR FEATURED INTERVIEW is with Ritu Sharma, a leading voice on international women’s issues and U.S. foreign policy. Due in large part to Ritu and Women Thrive Worldwide, the interests of women living in poverty worldwide are now being incorporated into U.S. economic assistance and trade policies and, in some cases, into U.S. law itself. http://www.womenthrive.org/

ALSO ... our scribe, J. David Gray will have an essay for our SYNERGY project. this week's featured image title is: "mute" - it can be found at http://www.jimlynchphotography.com OR http://tinyurl.com/lvgvsr pull down the NEW IMAGES gallery. david's other writings can be found at http://word-smith.typepad.com/wordsmith


Finn's Revolution playlist for 10/13/2009

Congrats to Joann who will be checking out LUCERO Saturday night, http://www.websterhall.com ; and to John who will be scoping the great TITUS ANDRONICUS & THE SO SO GLOS Thursday, http://ny.knittingfactory.com Thanks to all callers & listeners!!

Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 10/12/2009

Tonight's Show is dedicated to the memory of Grace Lee Sperandeo

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 10/12/2009

Wayne and Belal hitting you with the best of the 90's and new neo-sou along with blendsl!!

Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 10/09/2009

AWESOME interview with Bob Hallett of Great Big Sea this morning! Catch them at the Westhampton Performing Arts Center Sunday 10/11/09 (if there are any tix left!)

Clam Radio playlist for 10/08/2009

A little of this and that and then a great interview with The Firesign Theatre's Phip Proctor.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 10/08/2009

mr magic tribute show

Everything Is Broken playlist for 10/06/2009

OUR FEATURED INTERVIEW GUEST is Ivan Kenneally, assistant professor of political science at Rochester Institute of Technology with a research focus on American politics and political philosophy. He has published in Perspectives on Political Science, The Political Science Reviewer, Policy Review, Society and The New Atlantis. Kenneally teaches American Politics, American Foreign Policy, War and the State, Judicial Process, and International Politics at RIT.

“THE PAUSE” is our image for J. David Gray and our SYNERGY project. Pull up the image at http://tinyurl.com/lvgvsr or http://JimLynchPhotography.com - in the “new images” gallery. david's other writing can be found at http://word-smith.typepad.com/wordsmith/

This show features the music of Emmy Lou Harris.