Into The Fire with JoJo playlist for 09/07/2011

NEVER FORGET!!!! 9-11-01

Blue Grass Time playlist for 09/07/2011

a 2 hour tribute to the Father of Bluegrass music Bill Monroe. Thanks to Frank for the 1971 Bill Monroe concert recorded here at the Stony Brook Union. Also will be playing the Bill Monroe Tribute set at this years 9th Annual Long Island Bluegrass Festival recorded Sat. Aug. 20th at tanner Park in Copiague.

The Outer Library playlist for 09/07/2011

New Indie and Self Release from Brooklyn and Manhattan with your host Mike Gildersleeve every Wednesday night from 10pm to 12 Mid

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/06/2011

Our featured guest is Stuart Jeanne Bramhall. Stuart is an ex-pat, living in New Zealand. Stuart is political and community activist, author, on-line journalist and blogger. She has just published an ebook “Revolutionary Change: An Expatriate View”.

Also, local activist Charlotte Koons will be bring us up to date on all the peace and justice action in our area.

For music today we will do some 70’s punk from The Clash. Some cuts from the USA release of their self-titled debut studio album “The Clash” (1976) and selections also from their December, 1979 “London Calling” album.


Jim Dexter playlist for 09/06/2011

Jim's Show for Tuesday September 6, 2011

The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 09/06/2011

let's wreck!

Trim Mix Party playlist for 09/05/2011

this week we counted down the top 15 underground boom bap joints plus we did a reks showcase and had a ill freestyle session watch it back at

Sunday Street playlist for 09/04/2011

Sunday Street is heard every Sunday morning from 9 AM untill 11:30 AM.

The Overnightmare playlist for 09/03/2011

Serve us with a smile :)