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Mix Tape playlist for 03/01/2012

march mixness

Steve K playlist for 03/01/2012

Jam session with Derek and Derek T. early on, then to celebrate Women's History Month, ladies names in song titles

High Technology Radio playlist for 03/01/2012


Organized Confusion playlist for 02/29/2012


Cafe`Ali playlist for 02/29/2012

Interview with Z Star Man

Blue Grass Time playlist for 02/29/2012

6-8 PM 2 hours of Bluegrass Music. New music by Akira Otsuka, the Mayfield Brothers and The Mandolin Experience

Radio Free J-Ro playlist for 02/29/2012

Leap Day reap day (in memory of Davy Jones)

Everything Is Broken playlist for 02/28/2012

Our featured guest is Michael Charney. Michael is a writer, most recently of the book "Chasing Glenn Beck: A Personal Experiment in Reclaiming our Hijacked Political Conversation". He has won awards for both his fiction and non-fiction, and has been published in both North America and Europe. Michael’s business experience spans over 25 years in high-technology start-up companies (the most recent of which was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2006). As an executive and leader he has pioneered work in corporate social networking, textual and language analysis and professional services methodologies.

Michael and I will discuss the so-called “two party system” and the future of each branch of what Ralph Nader and yours truly call “the corporate party.” www.chasingglennbeck.com

And … our pal STEVE WIEHE will check in from Florida to give us his take on current events.

For music we will enjoy the blues of Big Mama Thornton! 1926-1984. First to record Hound Dog in 1952! Elvis, like many white recording artists of that era got all the bucks for that one! Today’s selections feature Big Moma with the Muddy Waters Blues Band, circa 1966.

Jim Dexter playlist for 02/28/2012

Jim's Show for Tuesday February 28, 2012

Finn's Revolution playlist for 02/28/2012

Tonight on The Revolution, Ali Silva and James Rieser star in the classic radio play "Sorry, Wrong Number" featuring music by Charlie Rauh and Concetta Abbate, plus I got tons of freakin' tunes to make your head spin!

The Rock and Roll Dance Party playlist for 02/28/2012

'can't miss with the in-crowd, so turn me up loud. i got a...'

Purple Starlight playlist for 02/27/2012

Currently alternating with the Spin Zone Monday mornings midnight - 3am.

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 02/27/2012

Back in the saddle with R&B. Featuring Wayne

Down Home Country playlist for 02/26/2012

15 minute show (11:30-11:45am) before Seawolves game