Trim Mix Party playlist for 04/30/2012

this week a interview with producer john glass a new top 15v and a hot tyme machine

Soul Glo Bistro playlist for 04/30/2012

A dedication to KISS FM hosted by Wayne

Bob Longman Show playlist for 04/29/2012

Requests: #1, #7, #20

Jazz On The Air playlist for 04/29/2012

Today we honor Duke Ellington and his 113th birthday!

Sunday Street playlist for 04/29/2012

Today's program remembered Chris Ethridge, bass player for The Flying Burrito Brothers, and Pete Fornatale, long-time New York city area radio host, both of whom passed on earlier this week. Norm Prusslin, former General Manager of WUSB, joined us to share memories of Pete Fornatale.

The Overnightmare playlist for 04/28/2012


Bob Duffy playlist for 04/28/2012

Programming at WUSB for more than 30 years, Bob Duffy is still searching for the perfect pop song.

Beginnings playlist for 04/28/2012

Remembering Pete Fornatale

Lunchtime playlist for 04/27/2012

Each Friday - 10am to Noon

Primordial Sandwich playlist for 04/27/2012

Phil In 4 Skagasm/Opraz handbag

Mix Tape playlist for 04/26/2012


Arsenal of Nonsense playlist for 04/26/2012

rockin' through til dawn!