Schedule for Wednesday

12-3am0-11-22-3FLEX FM Hip HopDjRichieRukkuss
3-6am3-44-55-6Into the Fire with JoJoAll kinds of good stuffJoJo
6-8am6-66-77-8Hot WaxMusic
8-10am8-99-10a million open tabsMusicnxcoel
10am-12pm10-1111-12Wizzy BrewMusic
12-1pm12-13Campus Connect News/Talkibreheny, rcosgrove, WUSB News Team
1-2pm13-14RecessSBU StudentsLeto
2-5pm14-1414-1515-1616-17Suburban Hymnsfree-form musicpaul n
5-6pm17-18Democracy Now!News and TalkWUSB DJ
6-8pm18-1919-20Blue Grass TimeBluegrassBuddy Merriam
8-10pm20-2121-22Waxx Traxx to the MaxxMusic -70'S THE 80'S , TRIBUTES AND INTERVIEWSVerlaineHell
10pm-12am22-2323-0Guys Bein' Dudes Guys Bein' DudesGoogeanthony, Leto