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Schedule for Monday

12-3am0-11-22-3Purple StarlightMusicpurplestarlight
3-5am3-44-5The BroadcastClassic Rock, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Stoner Rock, Punk, JazzDJ BlueSky, mconticchio1
5-6am5-6Global Alert NewsNewsKevin K
6-7am6-7Ralph Nader Radio HourTalk
7-9am7-88-9An Eclectic MessFreeFormKevin K
9-10am9-10Radio ChefRock , Blues, Live Performances ggiokas
10-11am10-11More CowbellBluesMario Staiano
11am-12pm11-12Country Pocket Country, American Rootstrevchr
12-2pm12-1313-1313-14Hygge with JoiRock, pop, jazz, and more!DJ Joi
4-5pm16-17The Bop StopRock, alternative, funk, mood, chill, indie, 80s, 90s, 2010s, stories, themesDJ Freakazoid
5-6pm17-18Democracy Now!News and TalkWUSB DJ
6-8pm18-1919-20The Doo-Woppler EffectMusicnlone
8-10pm20-2121-22Salvage & Recovery RadioFree Form Music & InterviewsJohn O
10pm-12am22-2323-0Battle Zone RadioHip HopBattlezoneradio, Dj Digit-Al