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Mrs Chester's Coffeehouse playlist for 05/08/2011

Mother Chester's Mother's Day Especial

Beginnings playlist for 05/07/2011

Conquistador "with new ears" #40

The Melting Pot playlist for 05/07/2011

The NEXT TO LAST edition of the Melting Pot with Special Guests, in-studio performance by Flipswitch!!!

Early Mornings with John playlist for 05/06/2011

dubstep, electronica, breakbeat, neo-soul


Whatever Floats Yer Boat playlist for 05/06/2011

Listening to WWOZ from New Orleans. They will be simulcasting JazzFest.

Guests in the studio today are Ben and Teresa. Their mission is to sail north this summer in search of an iceberg.
To learn more about their adventure to go SimpleQuestionMovie.com. Here you can find links to both their blogs.

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 05/06/2011

Blues with a Feeling w/L'Hommedieu

Lunchtime playlist for 05/06/2011

Billy Higgins on the Specials Board today!

Honoring one of the greatest drummers of all time, ten years after his passing on today's program. Master Higgins departed May 3, 2001, just four months prior to the Change of our Century, September 11, 2001.

Today's Grill Room edition of Lunchtime features a menu exclusively of Billy Higgins as both a leader and sideman.

Bon Appetite!

Friday Night Free-Form playlist for 05/06/2011

...beware The Bass Drum of DEATH!

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2. PSYCHEDLIC HORSESHIT - French Countryside
3. DOM - Bochicha
4. OBITS - Naked to the World
6. DEATH SET - A Problem is a Problem It Don't Matter Where You From
7. ANTLERS - I Don't Want Love
8. EFRIM MANUEL MENUCK - Hit Team Spicy Rippers
9. NO JOY - Mediumship
10. IS IS - Death Treat
11. THE ALPS - Easy Action
12. UNKLE - Follow Me Down [with Sleepy Sun]
13. HOTELS - Trouble at the Consulate
15. SEA AND CAKE - Up On the North Shore
16. CHAD VANGAALEN - Peace On the Rise
17. GIRLS NAMES - Bury Me / I Lose
19. BABIES - Sunset
20. STRAIGHT ARROWS - Mind Control / Something Happens
22. CRYSTAL STILTS - Through the Floor
23. SLOAN - Traces / She's Slowing Down Again
25. DAVID KILGOUR AND THE HEAVY EIGHTS - A break in the weather / Left by soft
27. THE ASTEROID #4 - You've Got Nowhere / The Unknown / Wicked Wire

Clam Radio playlist for 05/05/2011

Nothing in particular up our dress this time around except: We celebrate Michael Palin's birthday, play some tracks from "Audio Artifacts For The Dubious Cloud" and wish all the mom's out there, "A Happy, up and coming Mothers Day!"

Fishing With Bill playlist for 05/05/2011

Steve K sittin in....Similiar format..different bait..Happy Cinco De Mayo..Happy Mother's Day...Good luck with The Derby

Bob Longman Show playlist for 05/05/2011

Special Thurs aft edition!!!!! Surprise!
(Is there anyone who noticed the vocal echo is different on this mix of Kicks?)
Blue Flames are from Darien CT (in our CT range)