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Free Software Round Table playlist for 04/16/2011

FSRT panel is missing in action tonight. Bobanero is playing music and Chris Peters and Eddie Havoc are s

Trim Mix Party playlist for 04/16/2011

real boom bap hiphop new top 15 and a larry smith vapor radio producers showcase

Early Mornings with John playlist for 04/15/2011

two-hour collective mix of various electro-house, progressive house, and trance. last hour featured assorted music that just slapps

COOP Sky Blue playlist for 04/15/2011

The End Times, Poverty Scorecard and Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan, Paul Ryan....and some great music too

Sam Taylor's Blues playlist for 04/15/2011

Blues with a Feeling with L'Hommedieu

Lunchtime playlist for 04/15/2011


We Wrap up the Spring Drive this Weekend with some truly amazing special programming. Saturday, Onda Nueva celebrates with live instudo musicians (and their instruments!). Zappathon returns Sunday Noon to Midnight. Basically, there's no reason to change Your dial ......

Kick back let WUSB do what we do best ... your support makes the difference : Http://wusb.fm

Today we honor Billy Bang (9/20/1947 - 4/11/2011) and all of his creativity ... focusing on his otherwordly quartet recording A "Tribute To Stuff Smith". Billy was omnipresent on the NY Scene until just the other day.

The Ari D Show playlist for 04/15/2011

From 2pm-5pm It's some crazy sh*t on the airwaves of WUSB90.1FM We got Ari D in studio filling in for Primetime College Radio as well as Oprahz Handbag from 3-5pm where the crazy sh*t will continue! CHECK IT OUT http://wusb.fm/listen

This playlist is 2-3pm on 04/15/11

Bustin' Out Blue playlist for 04/15/2011

Four o 5 a gallon Show

Mix Tape playlist for 04/14/2011

turning each other on since 2007

Cheap Thrills, with Rosanne playlist for 04/14/2011

6-7: Zappatizer
7-9: Cheap Thrills w. Rosanne

Steve K playlist for 04/14/2011

A more conventional show...RT continues...Thanks to Rosanne and Bill McNulty for helping with phones

High Technology Radio playlist for 04/14/2011

about 90° off kilter

The Ari D Show playlist for 04/13/2011



Blue Grass Time playlist for 04/13/2011

Bobanero filling in for Buddy tonight

The Outer Library playlist for 04/13/2011

New Indie and Self Release with your host Mike Gildersleeve, 10pm - 12 Midnight every other Thursday