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Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 03/30/2009

It's radiothon. Call to pledge 631-632-6901
also ticket giveaways to SOBs

Paul N playlist for 03/30/2009

sub.rad playlist for 03/29/2009

12a-1a industrial
1a-3a hip hop/electronic/experimental

thanks for all the calls, requests and IMs from Satan!
Special thanks to Peter for hangin' out and spinning some tunes!

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 03/29/2009

Great show featuring more BRAND NEW RELEASES!!!!!!

Features songs from the new album, self-released by Epik High, check out their website www.mapthesoul.com

Brand new tracks from hip-hop groups Freestyle and UPT (UPTOWN)

New songs from Yoon Do Hyun Band's 8th album.

and more

Noel & 휘성 (Hweesung) dedicated to loyal supporter in Australia, Dan.

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Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 03/29/2009

Extended version of tonight's show from 7:20-8:00 PM.

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Ludwig Leopold playlist for 03/28/2009

A Special "Sweeeeepstakes Winner" Edition for Radiothon. Yes, I'm so excited that we won tickets through the online sweepstakes to see The Dead perform this coming Monday Night(3/30) at the Roseland. Decided to produce a Dead Based program this evening. First (& foremost) it's Radiothon and there's no better way way to celebrate great radio than with the Good 'Ol Grateful Dead. Secondly, many many moons ago during Radiothon there used to be a Grateful Dead Marathon with 6+ hours of just Dead. So playing The Grateful Dead during radiothon is a WUSB Tradition.


Trim Mix Party playlist for 03/27/2009

best of the underground boom bap hiphop

Clam Radio playlist for 03/26/2009

Various music in odd time signatures. Things that sound influenced by Zappa and the occasional forgotten old song plus a few new ones by local artists.

Free Music Show playlist for 03/25/2009

Mr. Metronome covering for Bobanero! HE'S BACK! (Note: Some songs are not in order in the way they're played, but that's only for the first 40 minutes. :\)


Everything Is Broken playlist for 03/24/2009

Interview guest for 3/24 show (1:00PM-2:00): Laine Cunningham, author and media consultant. her books discussed: "Message Stick" and "Seven Sisters" (due out this summer).


Wizzy Brew playlist for 03/23/2009

dj ev electronic fill-in
thanks for all the calls, IMs and requests!