Trim Mix Party playlist for 05/14/2012

This week was a real classic show...first the top 15 underground hiphop joints of the week(8 new joints added this week)than we had a fresh interview with M-DOT than we hit you with the tyme machine...listen back to the archive this is one trim mix you wanna record and play over and over....

Down Home Country playlist for 05/13/2012

Today's show was programmed and co-hosted by Spring Radiothon WUSB 90.1 club sponsor Frank Bryant

The Overnightmare playlist for 05/12/2012


Bob Duffy playlist for 05/12/2012

Joe Vecchio filling-in

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 05/12/2012

Chris Phillips filling in for Ludwig!


Lunchtime playlist for 05/11/2012

Each Friday 10am to Noon

Skagasm playlist for 05/11/2012

So much Ska, for so many years, maybe this is the last show? MAYBE NOT! WHO KNOWWSS!!! All I do know is that this has been one hell of a good time, thanks for listening! I mean me and my buddy will be doing another show called Swedish Salmon Paste, You should check it out. It's pretty classy. If anything I might trust be on as a filler show *shrug*

Regardless, Stay rude and Stay classy ;)