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The Bayou Playlists

The Bayou playlist for 09/06/2012

The Post Bradstock XIX simulcast, jamboree, A set for Mr Doug-lass, 9/11 next week, Convention your face off Ediion

The Bayou playlist for 08/09/2012

Bill Kay fishing on The Bayou while Chris is away.

The Bayou playlist for 07/26/2012

The "Storm is movie In Edition"

The Bayou playlist for 06/14/2012

The last Waltz to father's day, Trow Andrews tearing it up a the Talkhouse & here on WUSB, Loudo at the Boulton & a nod to another great one at the University Cafe with Ray "I am the Big Easy" Bonneville and Louise "ALOHA" Taylor.

The Bayou playlist for 05/31/2012

Goin back to Cajun Country & the Big Bayou

The Bayou playlist for 02/23/2012

The Post Mardi Gras & Ash Wednesday extended version of The Bayou - Second Line Style!

The Bayou playlist for 12/15/2011

Doin' it up N'awlins Holiday style. YEAH - U - RITE!


The Bayou playlist for 07/28/2011

The "Fixin' like the Country's Goin' to Hades in a Handbasket Blues" Edition. Tommy Malone back in town for a Fat Set1

The Bayou playlist for 06/30/2011

Independence Day Style - startin' with the Zydeco BBQ - YEAH-U-RITE! Buckwheat's back in Town at the Talkhouse tonight. One for the 2011 HS Graduates; Jacks Waterfall CD release; Radiators Fest Farewell

The Bayou playlist for 06/16/2011

A set for Dr Sylvia Earle who spoke at Berkner Hall today; Father's Day coming on Sunday, One for the (Summer) Solstice...

The Bayou playlist for 03/24/2011

Radiothon Take II. Buddy Merriam in the House playin' some fine mandolin live. Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductees set featuring a fat set of Doctor John.

The Bayou playlist for 03/10/2011

It's Mardi Gras Week Y'all & we're asking that infinite musical question "Just how FAT can a Tuesday Get???" Allons Danse - pass Le Crevise....