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The Bayou Playlists

The Bayou playlist for 05/26/2016

The Pre-Memorial Day, monster Bass Hoedown Interview with Stu Hamm, Happy 25th to Bluegrass Time Edition of The Bayou.

The Bayou playlist for 03/17/2016

The Celt-O-Delic" SDt. Patrick's Day, Spring flyin in on the wings of a Nor'easter Edition of The Bayou

The Bayou playlist for 02/18/2016

The Post Pfattt Tuesday rollin into those Ash Wednesday Blooze, on the tail wind of the Arctic Blast jet freeze, "Where's my Crawfish Monica?" edition of the Bayou...

The Bayou playlist for 02/04/2016

The Black History Month; Farewell to Bob Elliot (Bob & Ray), and Don't Look Now but here comes another Snowstorm Edition of ...The Bayou

The Bayou playlist for 03/05/2015

The March Snowstorm, is this crystalline rain ever gonna end, fixin like I need to make a Big Soulful Gumbo Edition of The Bayou.

The Bayou playlist for 01/08/2015

Its THE ARCTIC EXPRESS on the Bayou Tonight Kids - 17F degrees and the the Acadian Driftwood is movin' on...

The Bayou playlist for 11/13/2014

The Berlin Wall +25, Veteran's Day 2014, Winter comes sliding in early with the white stuff knocking at the door Edition...

The Bayou playlist for 08/21/2014

Tip of the hat to the Late Great Johnny Ray Allen, Dudely Yours...

The Bayou playlist for 05/15/2014

Its the Annual JazzFest "wished I coulda been there" kinda rag Edition of The Bayou- Kids

The Bayou playlist for 04/03/2014

The Could it be Spring at last after 5 inches of fresh snow on Monday, in a City that Care Forgot Edition of The Bayou?

The Bayou playlist for 03/20/2014

The ITS FINALLY SPRING, so join the parade,if you're a viper cuz before you know it'll be Summertime in New Orleans, Edition of The Bayou

The Bayou playlist for 02/20/2014

The Anniversary of Prohibition, Fog Advisory up for some much needed snow melt and could Spring be far away from a record setting snowfall season on LI?? Edition...

The Bayou playlist for 02/06/2014

The "is it cold & snowy enough for ya yet?" edition of The Bayou where all the Snowmen have okra ears, crawdad noses and gator diamond eyes (and a Rebennack cane too!)

The Bayou playlist for 12/26/2013

The post Christmas Day, First Day of KWANZAA, Last Show of the Year HOEDOWN "Bayou Style"! C'mon 2014...

The Bayou playlist for 10/17/2013

Radiothon Week 2 - Stony Brooklyn Preemptions.

The Bayou playlist for 05/30/2013

The why the Hades is it hotter in Stony Brook than down in New Orleans today, Show!

The Bayou playlist for 01/24/2013

The Alan Doyle in a St Johns Pub on the Tropical Island of NF interview version, Frozen in the Permafrost edition

The Bayou playlist for 01/10/2013

The New Year, Remembering JSM & Anthony on the big tractor in the sky, back in the Hometown

The Bayou playlist for 12/13/2012

The Post "12-12-12 Concert" Extravaganza (its not over yet kids...) Its the Annual Christmas/Holiday BAYOU Show Kids

The Bayou playlist for 11/29/2012

The Post Hurricane Sandy , "Music Rebuilds the House" Kerrified Edition of The Bayou...