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The Bayou Playlists

The Bayou playlist for 05/20/2021

The post Oceanic Sojourn Mississipified Edition

The Bayou playlist for 05/06/2021

The Heavenly HARVST, Jazz Fest Faux, "This One's For You MOM" Edition...

The Bayou playlist for 03/25/2021

The Michael Doucet avec Lacher Prise Radiothon Edition...

The Bayou playlist for 03/11/2021

The Kikkin' it Brassly, 10th Anniversary of Fukushima Tidal Wave, Lacher Prise, Ash Wednesday Blues Edition...

The Bayou playlist for 02/25/2021

The Happy Birthdays Fats Domino & Harry Georgeson, Keepin it Creole, Zydecoized and Phunkinitup for Black History Month Edition

The Bayou playlist for 02/11/2021

The Farewell to Mary Wilson, Valentines Day (Happy Birthday Michael Doucet)B rother Jack on the Main Line, Mardi Gralicious Edition

The Bayou playlist for 01/28/2021

The Full Moon, Into the Deep Freeze of Winter Edition

The Bayou playlist for 01/14/2021

Rest in Peace dear Brother John "Workhorse" Gregory...

The Bayou playlist for 12/31/2020

The to the Lost Ones, the Jazzfest that never was, Kikkin Kwanzaa Party and "Here's Lookin at you in the Rear View Mirror 2020" Edition...

The Bayou playlist for 12/24/2020

fill: Bob Longman

The Bayou playlist for 12/17/2020

The post Snowpocalypse Nor'easter, put the furniture to the side and kick up the rug Holiday edition

The Bayou playlist for 12/03/2020

The Moon Over Bourbon Street, Moon River, Why Your Feet Hurt (The Cruel Shoes) Edition

The Bayou playlist for 11/26/2020

Captain Phil Filling in for Chris LaPorta tonight! New Music!!!!!!!!

Sister Monk

We are SisterMonk and play World-inspired Rock, Pop, Funk with our hearts pointed towards the lyrical and our pulse joined to the tribal. How time flies and holds no weight over our wings when we continuously pick up, dust off, (keeping the magic dust, of course ) and develop that essential feeling that started us out on this journey. We have been biding our time writing songs and adventuring to our nourishing place called 'Floodwood' which is actual and real and also a wonderful metaphor for that space of stillness which contains the turbulence of storm and rivets our memory and imagination with beauty and striving and yearning. Well, we'll keep the exact address of Floodwood to ourselves but let it be known that we recorded this album last Summer at Studio G with Grammy nominee Tony Maimone (for best World Music album 2020). The question " How and when do we launch "Floodwood"? Has now turned into the feeling that “now is the time" as we personally and collectively find ourselves longing for our most inimitable memories and all they represent.

The Bayou playlist for 11/19/2020

The Brassin it Up, pre Thanksgiving and Christmas, Happy 90th Trip Around the Sun David "Daddio" Amram Edition...

The Bayou playlist for 10/22/2020

The last Prez Debate, Lake Charles Musicians Go Fund Me Campaign, Kerry Kearney's Tales from the Psychedelta edition...

The Bayou playlist for 09/24/2020

The Country Comfort, Waterfall of Peace, and Love to the Notorious RBG- RIP Edition of The Bayou.

The Bayou playlist for 09/10/2020

The Post Virtual Bradstock 2020, pre 19th Anniversary of 9/11 Edition

The Bayou playlist for 09/06/2020

The "Virtual Bradstock 2020" Edition!

The Bayou playlist for 08/27/2020

The Post CAT 4 Hurricane Laura TX/LA Slam, Lennon Remembrin, Rock the Vote, El Jefe Edition

The Bayou playlist for 08/13/2020

The Big Rainbow Intro, Post Isaiah Blowage, God Rest Ye Fiske Hanley II (99 1/2 Won't Do), Glory of True Love Edition