Destinies reviews The Flash - Friday, June 23

Poster of The Flash movie

Last week, The Flash sped into theaters, to change the course of the DC Extended Universe.

This week, the Destinies Film Review League assembles live to discuss The Flash.

Is the Scarlet Speedster's solo cinematic debut "the greatest super-hero movie of all time," or just another DC disappointment?

What are the circumstances that trade out Ben Affleck's Batman for Michael Keaton's?

Can Ezra Miller successfully play Barry Allen at two different ages?

Will audiences pay to see a film about a character that just ended a nine season run on free television? And, what is the movie worth on the famous Destinies zero to nine dollars rating scale?

Find out on Friday, June 23rd, at 11:30 PM, when hosts Howard Margolin, Dave Campfield, Timothy Gillespie, and Justin Paul run in to review The Flash on Destinies-The Voice of Science Fiction.


An image promoting  THE SHYLOCK AND THE SHAKESPEAREANS by Edward Einhorn

THE SHYLOCK AND THE SHAKESPEAREANS is a darkly humorous retelling of The Merchant of Venice, written and directed by Edward Einhorn.

In ancient Venice, of sorts, a mob of white supremacists calling themselves the Shakespeareans has taken over public discourse. Jacob, a Jewish diamond merchant, finds himself entangled with Antonio, a member of the Shakespeareans. Jacob’s daughter Jessica has fallen in love with the son of Asian immigrants. And in Belmont, a young heiress named Portia subjects her suitors to a strange, nonsensical game. When Antonio’s business encounters hardship, he reneges on a debt with Jacob then spreads the rumor Jacob wants him dead. A trial in a kangaroo court follows.


This airs June 22 between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.

Kenny Gradney of Little Feat Interview for WUSB's 46th Anniversary - June 23, 2023

This is a photo of Kenny Gradney

From Marc Greene:

Tune in on Friday morning, June 23, at 10:00 AM, for a special WUSB 46th Anniversary special 3-hour edition of Fermented Radio.

We are honored to have Kenny Gradney of Little Feat on the program. Kenny will tell us about joining the band right around the time of Dixie Chicken and what it's been like with Little Feat (and others) right on through to today. And just this week, Warner Bros. Records have reissued Sailin' Shoes and Dixie Chicken in amazing detail.

Fermented Radio airs each Friday only on WUSB, Stony Brook.

The Kennedys return to WUSB’s Sunday Street Series!

Release show for Headwinds, a new studio album of original songs.

Sunday, August 27th at 5 P.M. at The Long Island Museum, Rte.25A, Stony Brook


We’ve often referred to The Kennedys as the ‘musical heart and soul’ of WUSB’s The Sunday Street Series. They played our very first show in February, 2004 and have returned many times for Kennedy’s shows as well as being an integral part of our annual Bob Dylan Birthday Celebration.

This show will be particularly special since Maura and Pete will bring with them original songs from a new studio album, Headwinds, which will see its official release on September 1st. You can expect the usual musical brilliance of an early evening with The Kennedys. Copies of the new album will be available for purchase at this show.

Please join us to welcome them back to our series. 

Advance sale tickets $25.00 (tickets previously purchased for our postponed April 2nd Kennedys show will be honored at the door.)

Tickets at the door, if available, $30.00 (cash only)

The Sunday Street Series is a collaboration of WUSB’s Sunday Street Series, The Long Island Museum, and The Greater Port Jefferson Arts Council.