Radio 631 Playlists

Radio 631 playlist for 05/03/2016

guests Chris H and Ruchi present tonight. Chris throws on some hits while Monica (who's that?) and Ruchi hit the books. This time we discussed not taking compliments well and Chance the Rapper.

Radio 631 playlist for 04/18/2016

Had a good time spinnin' some new tunes, +Ruchi for life and art convos. New Else bonus track! New Mat Zo! A lot of Danny L Harle! Some mixes I made. Some hard hits. Kinda moody.

Radio 631 playlist for 04/11/2016

New Charli XCX EP debut

radio 631 playlist for 04/04/2016

Radio 631 playlist for 03/28/2016

special guest Davey D co-hosting with me today! lots of new stuff. lots of radiothon pitching. -Mondian

Radio 631 playlist for 03/21/2016

electronic very old and very new w/ dj Mondian. also a quick shoegazy interlude because i like the sun days. wooo

Radio 631 playlist for 03/13/2016

Cornflower plays the hits, shout out to Mondian for the slot.

Radio 631 playlist for 03/07/2016

won't lie guys, this show was pretty frenetic in its activity. but we had some good times! in-studio were guests Chris and Davey D of Live and Unsupervized, who air Thursdays 10p-12a, check them out this week! lots of eclectic stuff all over the place. some good new stuff too, new Autograf, new Dillon Francis, new Rihanna and Destiny's Child remixes, and even a Pet Sounds tribute album preview. peep dat playlist ~Mondian c:

Radio 631 playlist for 02/29/2016

short daft punk tribute to commemmorate the 15th anniversary of the Discovery album (2/28/16, this past saturday). a focus on mixing. some fun new material: curtiss king, junior boys, else.

Radio 631 playlist for 02/22/2016

Madeon-heavy show in tribute to the end of his Pixel Empire tour, which is the last time ever that songs off his debut album Adventure will be played in a complete live set. Includes exclusive material from recent live shows (NYC 2/19, Philly 2/20). DJ Mondian, solo.

Radio 631 playlist for 02/15/2016

electronic tunes both old and new. had fun mixing that first segment. dj mondian, solo.

Radio 631 playlist for 02/08/2016

DJ Mondian here with some new tunes and, for a change of pace, a little history on ~VAPORWAVE~, a lesser-known subculture in electronic music. a lot of documentary snippings. 12-2 Monday mornings. I also covered Purple Starlight, check out that playlist too @ 2-4am 2/8/16 (Monday).

Radio 631 playlist for 02/01/2016

new and old electronic music with special guests DJ Davey D and Ruchi!

Radio 631 playlist for 01/25/2016

electronic music, mostly new stuff this time! with special guests DJ Davey D and Chris from Live and Unsupervized :) We did a marathon session, 12-4 (but 2-4 was a fill-in of Purple Starlight).

Radio 631 playlist for 01/18/2016

dj Mondian, electronic of all kinds. 12-2am 1/18/16.

Radio 631 playlist for 01/04/2016

dj Mondian. electronic of all kinds. my first show of the new year. 12-2am, 1/4/16

Radio 631 playlist for 12/28/2015

dj Mondian. second show ever. 12-2am, 12/28/15.

Radio 631 playlist for 12/21/2015

dj Mondian. first show EVER! electronic music of all kinds! best of both modern and oldies in all sorts of subgenres. 12-2am