Radio 631 Playlists

Radio 631 playlist for 05/04/2017

Radio 631 playlist for 04/27/2017

Fill in John Sagliocca

Radio 631 playlist for 04/20/2017

dj disappearing has disappeared and is not in-house, but still has a playlist for you. <3

Radio 631 playlist for 04/13/2017

eclectic and electric, a lot of latin-influenced dance music from dj buyin seltzer (+ a nice sweater from him, neat). a good bit of new house, a good bit of old house / old hits (hiatus kaiyote anybody?) and of course, references to friends sondelius and spoonfuls. new formas, matrixxman remix (pleasurecraft)

Radio 631 playlist for 04/06/2017


new things and old things. lots of new harvey sutherland and bermuda, also new toribio, miami horror, moi je, FKJ, sir Was, etc. also some beautiful old hits.

Radio 631 playlist for 03/30/2017

dj disappearing here with dj spoonfuls here in the studio!

really cool stuff, new mija, sampha, frequent, the dig. pacific coliseum, slacker, fkj, miami horror, homeshake, lusine, flamingosis

Radio 631 playlist for 03/22/2017

tim's birthday, new and old stuff, cool monicacore dealios. questions "is ween good?" "is kavinsky outrun good?"
- Toribio's esa montaña se movera is an album off of a friend's record label, most excellent unlimited. really good dance stuff, check them out on bandcamp.
- audience favorite was "heart" by Powder, off of the forthcoming "h" ep at cocktail d'amore. Powder is a japanese producer, she's really great so check her out too.
- it's radiothon! donate if you can, it's much-appreciated.

Radio 631 playlist for 03/22/2017

tim's birthday, new and old stuff, cool monicacore dealios. questions "is ween good?" "is kavinsky outrun good?"

Radio 631 playlist for 03/15/2017

doing part of a bootleg madeon playlist in anticipation of the april 29 dj set!!!!
also have new hits, notably from miami horror and toribio.
let's get wavy~
it's spring break at stony brook. so i know you're probably bored, wishing you had saved up so you could go with your friends to edmonton, or bored, waiting for your parents to go to sleep so you can watch friends reruns on the big-screen without them questioning how much dope you smoked this semester, or lonely because all your New College Friends live So Far Away, or Bored Because You Can't Go Outside Because It's Too Cold. so come hang out with me. c:

Radio 631 playlist for 03/09/2017

eclectic and electric. some classics from dj disappearing's earlier residency as mondian. new tunes. recs from friends sondelius, dj sugoi, and dj spoonfuls. come hang out. people need a place to go, and this is one of them. we welcome you.

Radio 631 playlist for 03/02/2017

dj disappearing (formerly mondian) riding solo with a lot of new hits!

it's warm and i need some party vibes
let's go and let's go fast
come on a journey with me as i use dance to unlock your soul
groove on and on and on and on
groove on a-and on and on and on

Radio 631 playlist for 02/23/2017

more chill vibe today. many new things. not as hectic. remember to love each other. love saves the day, mdx.

Radio 631 playlist for 02/16/2017

we are doing some cool things tonight. check the list out. eclectic, electric, and also david mancuso tributes. <3 love saves the day, mdx

Radio 631 playlist for 02/09/2017

me and chris playin new stuff, hits, eclectic mixes. and also feat. cut supreme

Radio 631 playlist for 02/02/2017

12-3am 2/2/17, eclectic not-quite electronic mix of radio 631 with host dj disappearing (formerly mondian). feat. a lot of recs by good friends dj buyin seltzer and Sondelius. cheerio lads here we come, lets bust away those grumps with some chilled out tunes. also premiering new mac demarco, what up

Radio 631 playlist for 01/26/2017

dj disappearing (formerly mondian) here: this is my first show at this new timeslot! c: i am an eclectic mix of electronic: dance music, chillhop, techno, etc. an

Radio 631 playlist for 01/23/2017

radio 631 jan 23 12-2 am 2017
more later as always

Radio 631 playlist for 11/28/2016

tribute to david mancuso and jonny

Radio 631 playlist for 11/07/2016

radio 631 with dj mondian

Radio 631 playlist for 10/24/2016

radio 631 10/24/16 playlist
moma panel from recent screening of downtown 81, a film starring jean-michel basquiat