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Radio 631 playlist for 02/15/2018

post valentines day vibes

i love you sondelius c:

friends are here , spoonfuls, no face, and the invisible man

love saves the day

Radio 631 playlist for 02/08/2018

cool my mind is very displaced today

spookychristmas and spoonfuls join in

Radio 631 playlist for 02/01/2018

Radio 631 playlist for 01/25/2018

first show back from break
badly transitioning
ahve to drive back to brooklyn after this

BUT HEY it was actually a good time sorry for the late update i had a really good time tho
sondelius i love you
i love you!!

im gonna finish this later

UPDATE this is finished now <3

Radio 631 playlist for 01/17/2018

Radio 631 playlist for 01/10/2018

Toasty and Spooky Christmas teamin up for a electro/videogame heavy radio 631!

Radio 631 playlist for 01/04/2018

DJ Spooky Christmas filling in for Radio 631

Radio 631 playlist for 12/27/2017

toasty fillin in 4 DJ Disappearing
keepin it v Radio 631 with mucho dance jams to keep u movin til the end of 2017/theworld
we got some weird stuff, some rap stuff, all good stuff
and some v cynical/satirical british stuff at the end just for lulz
toast is part of a balanced breakfast

da whole playlist loved one: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxydXlzRYmE1rzbSzkln7kg_ijso_CxQz

Radio 631 playlist for 12/20/2017

DJ Spooky Christmas filling in for DJ Disappearing for Radio 631

Radio 631 playlist for 12/14/2017


in studio w toasty and spoopychristmas and spoonfuls

no sondelius today i miss u but i hope u feel better <3

also also i moved to brooklyn come hit me upp c:
love saves the day
dj disappearing x

stretchy beats

this has been a good show and a wild ride from start to finish thank you for listening i love you all so much so much

Radio 631 playlist for 12/07/2017

doing a show. everyone's got finals. i'm moving. i had hives this week due to an unknown allergic reaction. i feel beaten down and stressed. these tunes will help me. i know they will. they've got to

dj disappearing
love saves the day

Radio 631 playlist for 11/30/2017

Hello beautiful friends,
i am tired but i will spin for you and for myself. it is a healing thing to do so, even at this juncture.
love saves the day
dj disappearing

Radio 631 playlist for 11/23/2017

Hey! I Just Did A Fill In For Nightmare Aquarium (thanks alice) And I'm Still Here For Three More Hours!!!

But Check Out That Playlist Here!! wusb.fm/node/60875

There's some cool / new stuff at this show. Feeling a bit introspective, everyone's gone for thanksgiving so I'm Alone In The Studio (except for Sondelius who is eternally Here and i am so grateful for that and for him thank you thank you)

Radio 631 playlist for 11/16/2017

Beautiful moods / determination continues. Tired as ever but hell if we're not gonna give them a fight. I'm all kinds of riled up because there was a protest on campus today concerning budget cuts, especially in the Writing department. I missed it but got to interview a friend of mine about it. Listen in and find out.

collab with dj buttz • spookychristmas • chris • spoonfuls

love saves the day
dj disappearing

(chee sondelius, you beautiful sleepy boi)

Radio 631 playlist for 11/09/2017

every thursday morning (wednesday night) 12-3 am i spin as dj disappearing on the show radio 631.

today i'm feeling tired but good. i am surrounded by people i care about and determination to do some good in the world that aligns with those i love.

love saves the day
dj disappearing

O BTW for that caller in CT heres my spotify playlist check out "sound beach monica" i guess, cheers


Radio 631 playlist for 11/02/2017

feeling love although very tired
love is stronger than the tiredness although sometimes energy flow gets in the way

tunes always help

love saves the day
dj disappearing

Radio 631 playlist for 10/26/2017

good yard mate

cheers to rooney_tunes , sondelius , devuroasts , buyin seltzer

dj disappearing
love saves the day

Radio 631 playlist for 10/19/2017

i am filled with love today , hello beautiful friends !

@devuroasts, buyin seltzer, teddy w., and of course sondelius c:

dj disappearing
love saves the day

Radio 631 playlist for 10/12/2017

I Feel Super Rejuvenated Today And It Might Be Due To The Fact That I Ingested Some Really Tasty Breakfst Food But It's More Likely Because I Am Going To Visit One Of My Truest And Unendingly Good Friends So Soon And I Am So Excited About It!!!!!!!!!!

lots of new things. yesss.

shoutouts to!!! @__rooneytunes__, @oh_shrn, @cte_voyld, @si.como.la.flor, @devuroasts, @spoopychristmas, @young_uncool_guy, and of course sondelius !! yes yes

dj disappearing
love saves the day

Radio 631 playlist for 10/05/2017

getting there however slowly
tunes help
love saves the day
dj disappearing formerly mondian