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Thursday on The Bayou: Two Sailboats, One Moon author interview.

This week on a special edition of The Bayou join host Chris LaPorta and his special guests WUSB DJ's Bobanero and Habanero we discuss their new book "Two Sailboats, One Moon" a story of romance, personal achievements, an epic journey around the world by sea and local seafaring adventures back at home.  Hear how the common bond of the sea and the moon kept these two Sailors together even though they might be thousands of miles apart.

Tune in Thursday night May 12th from 8:00 to 10:00 PM to hear some interesting stories from both of their journals as they share everything from daily happenings to extraordinary life adventures.

More information on "Two Sailboats, One Moon" check out their website at: http://www.twosailboatsonemoon.com

Katrina Vanden Heuvel on the Sounds of Film

Tune into the Sounds of Film this Thursday to hear an exclusive conversation with Tom Needham and Katrina Vanden Heuvel, who is featured in the new documentary, Hot Type: 150 Years of the Nation, directed by Academy Award-Winner Barbara Kopple.  Katrina Vanden Heuvel is the editor, publisher and part-owner of the Nation Magazine.  She is a frequent guest on numerous television shows, and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  She recently made news with her Edward Snowden interview.

Local Music Marathon: Saturday May 2nd.

Well, it's finally time to announce the lineup for this spring's Local Music Marathon. Please take a moment to perform your best drum roll impression:

12pm: Burnt Almonds

1: Durians

2: Barrelhouse

3: Eric Henriksen

4: Quarter Horse

5: AfroDJMac

6: Flak Jacket

7: Jarvis Probes


9: Carbon Thief

10: Vanilla Coast

11: Rebelmatic

So tune in all day, you know how. We'll be doing interviews during intermissions, and maybe sneak in a panel or two if there's some kind of massive technical failure, so you'll just have to listen the whole time to avoid missing anything.

SPRING 2015 RADIOTHON - WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT 631.632.6901 or 1.888.632.9872 (WUSB)

631.632.6901 or 1.888.632.9872 (WUSB )

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Tonight on Sounds of Film: Mike Leigh

Tune into Tom Needham's The Sounds of Film this Thursday at 6 P.M. on WUSB to hear an exclusive interview with legendary director Mike Leigh. They will be discussing his latest film, Mr. Turner, which was recently nominated for four academy Awards.  Mike Leigh is the writer and director of many acclaimed films including Topsy-Turvy, Secrets and Lies, Naked and Life is Sweet.  In 1993, he won the Best Director Award at Cannes for Naked.  In 1996 he won the Palme  d'Or for Secrets and Lies. His film, Topsy-Turvy, won two Academy Awards in 1999.

RADIOTHON SPECIAL: Alex Miller on Fermented Radio

Friday morning April 3rd at 10am Fermented Radio welcomes Alex Miller to WUSB.  Alex worked as an Archivist for RCA Records and is responsible for discovering The Long Road To Freedom: An Anthology Of Black Music .  Alex will be in studio to discuss the discovery of this project and many more historic RCA recordings. 

Hal Hartley on the Sounds of Film

Tune into WUSB this Thursday at 6 P.M. to hear The Sounds of Film's Tom Needham interview with the legendary film director, writer and composer, Hal Hartley.  They will be discussing his Long Island roots, influences, original music and upcoming screenings of the Henry Fool Trilogy including Henry Fool, Faye Grim and Ned Rifle at the Cinema Arts Centre(April 9th-14).

RADIOTHON SPECIAL: Captain Beefheart

This Thursday 230-430p. Mr. X presents, If you got ears you gotta listen, a Captain Beefheart fundraising special. Obscure tracks and special premiums.

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The Long Island Music Bundle

A Collection of Long Island Local Talent. 8 Bands, 8 Albums, Pay What You Want.

The idea was simple: Gather together 8 of the most talented up and coming local music acts and, through combined forces, put together a showstopper for music fans in the area and beyond. Created by Michael Perlmutter, The Long Island Music Bundle was built to help share and spread local Music. Perlmutter contacted the CEO of Groupees.com, a website specializing in content bundles, and formed a partnership. This distribution method is a first for local music being packaged this way. Music fans can pay what they want (with a small minimum) to receive full length albums from some of the biggest local talent the scene has to offer. The genre spanning compilation includes Heavy Duty Super Ego, Christine Sweeney & the Dirty Stayouts, Rice Cultivation Society and much more. The Bundle is slated for release on the weekend of March 21st and will be available as a digital download for 2 weeks. It will also be paired with a live music performance by many of the bands to be held midway through the release on March 28th at The Velvet Lounge in Setauket. In addition 20% of all proceeds will go to support charity of Community Solidarity, the local chapter of Food Not Bombs.
The full band list of the Bundle includes: Heavy Duty Super Ego, Vigilance Committee, Christine Sweeney & the Dirty Stayouts, AllOne, Rice Cultivation Society, This Damn Universe, More Than Skies and one more surprise guest TBA is a clear example of both the quality of musicianship and of sound recording that Long Island is capable of. Stony Brook University radio station WUSB has joined us as partners in promotion as well, creating promos and inviting Bundle musicians on the air to play their music during their Vinyl Library sessions, as well as spinning entire albums available from the bundle heard regularly on their programming.
“This is awesome” says WUSB music director Michael Gusev. Bundle creator Michael Perlmutter had this to say: “The Bundle can help elevate a music scene that’s boiling over, ready to be set off. This very well can help bring our local music into the spotlight where I have no doubt it can hold up with the big guys.”
In addition to the 8 full length albums to be released there will also be shorter EPs that unlock as bundle goals are met. Every purchase of a bundle will also include additional music depending on total amounts sold. There are also prizes for top contributors ranging from rare signed merchandise from the bands all the way up to being able to select your own playlist for a live performance or even to have a song written about a contributor! The inclusion of the charity Community Solidarity will keep the bundle tied to its local roots. In addition to providing a larger stage for our homegrown talent the Bundle will both raise awareness and funds to assist our community as a whole.
The Long Island Bundle, which will be available for digital distribution through Groupees.com will be here in no time with release for the 3rd week of March. The live band performance at The Velvet Lounge on March 28th is not to be missed for local music lovers and will truly showcase the diverse range and talents of all involved. All in all this will be a fantastic way to support local art and artists and still walk away feeling thrifty.