Salvage & Recovery Radio playlist for 09/21/2009

Bryan filling in for John O

Deb's Slightly Less Than Random Asian Stuff playlist for 09/20/2009

Tonight marks the first show of the semester. I will be on alternating with Korean Life, Sunday Nights from 8-9 pm bringing you the newest and best assortment of Korean music out there!

Tonight's show features new rock/alt rock/punk from Cheezstereo, Guckkasten, Cherry Filter and 김사랑 (Kim Sarang) as well as new music from the soundtrack to the show 탐나는도다 (Tamra, The Island), Loveholics and Plastic People's new albums and brand new hip hop from Epik High!!!

Bob Duffy playlist for 09/19/2009

Joe Vecchio filling in
Rusted Root ticket giveaways for two lucky WUSB listeners

COOP Sky Blue playlist for 09/18/2009

YEAHHH!!!! The last weekend of summer...HERE COMES THE FALL!!!!!!

Lunchtime playlist for 09/18/2009

11am to 1pm Fridays --- Show about Food and Music, musical food if you like! This week we've got ticket give aways, festival announcements, recipes, a restaraunt review, and lots of tasty tunes!!!

A full Album Side of the original 1973 Jackson Browne record "For Everyman"

Interzone with Chris Phillips playlist for 09/18/2009

The music bed is Esquivel - music from a sparkling planet
Tonights show is brought to you by comptroller Atkins


Weather or Not playlist for 09/15/2009

The 1st ever show!

Everything Is Broken playlist for 09/15/2009

TODAY OUR FEATURED GUEST IS IVAN ELAND, Senior Fellow and Director of the Center on Peace & Liberty at The Independent Institute; 15 years working for Congress on national security issues; author of Partitioning for Peace: An Exit Strategy for Iraq, Recarving Rushmore: Ranking the Presidents on Peace, Prosperity, and Liberty, The Empire Has No Clothes: U.S. Foreign Policy Exposed and Putting “Defense” Back into U.S. Defense Policy. author of 45 in-depth studies on national security issues.

... and the music of Golden Smog

Cafe`Ali playlist for 09/15/2009

Missing Moms Love. Thoughts for Lister...Eddie Hazel Plays Maggot Brain,Reflecting on his mothers Passing away.

Community Chest playlist for 09/15/2009

Tuesday fill-in