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The Overnightmare playlist for 01/08/2011

As we enter our 28th year on wusb. Oh, my aching hip!

Gerry Riemer playlist for 01/08/2011

Joe Vecchio sittin-in
Happy Birthday Elvis & Joan

The Melting Pot playlist for 01/08/2011

Filling in for Bob Duffy.....winter is surely here!! Crystalline trees, bowing branches, icy roads....and stiff backs from shoveling!

Ludwig Leopold playlist for 01/08/2011

Co hosted by Mr. Edison & Nigey Lennon-a brief foray into our love of old recorded sound. Hopefully the first of a continuing series.

Trim Mix Party playlist for 01/08/2011

first trim mix of 2011 we had legendary producer prince paul in the building plus interview with red eye from the closers as well real dope show

Lunchtime playlist for 01/07/2011

It's a Winter Wonderland out there, come on in and sit at the counter during Lunchtime.

Today, it's all about our fascination with the guitar. Ever wonder how they do it? Well, in the tradition of "in their own words" radio we let the musicians speak about their technique. Mark Whitfield on Wes Montgomery, Mark Knopfler on Chet Atkins. Dave Goodman, radio journalist, describes his piece on Frank Zappa's Sociopolitical life.

In the end we will check out a really interesting radio documentary on Frank Zappa and his SocioPolitical .point-of-view. Produced by WUSB Alum Dave Goodman for Open Media Boston.Org http://www.openmediaboston.org http://ibisradio.org or

Dave's weekly program: Thickly Settled @ http://www.ibisradio.org/thicklysettled Thanks Dave!

Album Side from Kingfish --- Side A Complete. Great to hear Bob Weir , Dave Torbert, Matt Kelly and all from way back in 1975. Often overlooked for his guitar playing Weir takes a backseat in this group who perform standard and original psychadelicized classics. Next week we'll hear side B.

Oprah's Handbag playlist for 01/07/2011

Special guest DJ J-Ro!!! 3-5:30

Rockin' Iration playlist for 01/07/2011

Kevin K fill in

Mix Tape playlist for 01/06/2011

New Year New Music!

WUSB Alternatives playlist for 01/06/2011

crazy shit 4u

Cheap Thrills, with Rosanne playlist for 01/06/2011

Hour Edison kicks things off with a brief look at the brief career of Syd Barrett

High Technology Radio playlist for 01/06/2011

27 years on wusb. oh, my aching hip!

Steve K playlist for 01/06/2011

Some winter stuff and better new year...etc.


Blue Grass Time playlist for 01/05/2011

Wed. 6-8 PM 2 hours of new & old bluegrass music