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Melting World playlist for 01/22/2023

11pm Start
Manuel Göttsching (1952-2022) memorial part 2
New music from Brian Eno, Legendary Pink Dots, Paul Ellis & Pabellón Sintético, Alpha Wave Movement, CV313, Forrest Fang

Melting World playlist for 01/08/2023

Krautrock from Zone Six, Can, Manuel Göttsching (1952-2022) part 1 memorial
German guitarist and electronic music innovator
Music from Ash Ra Temple 1971, solo recording 1979, Ashra-Tokyo 1997
New ambient from Italy with Nacht Plank

Melting World playlist for 12/25/2022

Melting World Christmas morning-meditative, spiritual collaborations from the masters
Shivkumar Sharma (1938-2022) joined by tabla master Zakir Hussain on this live 1987 recording
Mark Seelig & Byron Metcalf, Serena Gabriel & Steve Roach
ambient from Italy with Alio Die-collaborations with Martina Galvagni and Remco Helbers
New music from Robert Rich with Luca Formentini and
Rüdiger Gleisberg & Mathias Grassow from Germany

Melting World playlist for 12/11/2022

Steve Hackett ended his "Seconds Out" tour@Patchogue Theater last night. Opening the show this morning the title track from Steve's 1979 "Spectral Mornings"
Krautrock from NEU!, Kraftwerk, Can. Instrumental pysch from Norway with Salvatore, Black Moon Circle. Synth music from Jeffrey Koepper, Martin Stürtzer, Hainbach in the cosmic hour

Melting World playlist for 11/27/2022

Electronic space rock with Sula Bassana, Eat Static, Zubzub, Dave Brock.
Jah Wobble one off super group "Solaris" with Jah, Harold Budd, Graham Haynes, Bill Laswell & Jaki Liebziet
The Orb with David Gilmour
analog synth from British composer Mark Shreeve (1957-2022) and his bands Redshift, ARC in the cosmic hour
Final push for Radiothon, please support this great radio station with your generous donation @WUSB.FM or 631 632 6901

Melting World playlist for 11/13/2022

Nik Turner (1940-2022)
Spacerock innovator, Hawkwind co founder, vocals, saxaphone, flute
his bands Space Ritual, Sphynx, Inner City Unit
Robert Calvert-Hawkwind's poet and conceptual creative designer
First solo album from 1974, the satirical concept album "Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters"

Melting World playlist for 11/06/2022

Buzzy Bout fill
EST arrival
Melting World progressive Radiothon show
early British prog with Van der Graff Generator, Caravan, Renaissance
recent music from Nektar
progressive giants ELP, Genesis, Yes
RIO prog with Magma, Henry Cow, Thinking Plague
please consider a donation to WUSB during Radiothon
they are appreciated and important to the survival of WUSB

Melting World playlist for 10/30/2022

Chiller Theater incidental music creep out
dark ambient classics from David Toop, Lustmord, Robert Rich,
Controlled Bleeding: The Poisoner, Portland's Cryo Chamber label
Legendary Pink Dots live Brooklyn 11/10/22

Melting World playlist for 10/16/2022

Latest synth music from Netherlands and UK with Kubusschnitt and The Soviet Space Dog Project
Psychedelic from Kikagaku Moyo, Tarotplane
Micheal Hoenig's Berlin School release from 1978 in the cosmic hour

Melting World playlist for 10/02/2022

European acid rock from Italy's Giöbia, Germany's Guru Guru
new live music from Amsterdam with Temple Fang, Ozric Tentacles latest tune
new Krautrock from Portland, Oregon with Tönen

Melting World playlist for 09/18/2022

Psychedelic futurism with lighter dynamics from synthesist
Ian Boddy and his DiN label (UK), Portlands Projekt label
Erik Wollo-Norwegian composer, guitarist
live at 2021 Soundquest Fest
Dave Bessell (UK) with Bakis Sirros (Greece)
new music from Steve Roach, Thom Brennan (USA)

Melting World playlist for 09/04/2022

Cosmic synth music from Germany and UK
Tangerine Dream, Radio Massacre International, Brendan Pollard
Thorsten Quaeschning with Mya Audrey

Melting World playlist for 08/21/2022

Praxis live Sony Hall NYC 8/30,31
Music from Remember Shakti
with John McLaughlin, Zakir Hussein
instrumental power trio with
Praxis-Bonnaroo 2004, Blixt
Jonas Hellborg, Shawn Lane, Jeff Sipe
Nicky Skopelitis & Bill Laswell with
Raoul Bjorkenheim & Buckethead

Melting World playlist for 08/14/2022

Helios Creed with Nik Turner
Crome’s Alien Soundtracks from 1977
New music from Ed Wynne (Ozric Tentacles)
Damo Suzuki Network from Tokyo 1999
Steve Hillage-Rainbow Dome Music
in the cosmic hour

Melting World playlist for 08/07/2022

Drive-By Truckers, Patchogue Theater this Monday 8/8
Byrds-Fillmore West 2/69
Grateful Dead-11/77 & 3/69
More new music from Denmark’s Oresund Space Collective
Ambient from Brian Eno, Micheal Brook & Jeff Pearce

Melting World playlist for 07/31/2022

Progressive Psychedelic from Greece with Hieronymus Dream
New music from Denmark’s Oresund Space Collective
UK’s Tuluum Shimmering-ethnic music without region or tradition
Ambient from Sweden with Ludvig Cimbrelius’s Eternell

Melting World playlist for 07/24/2022

More from the volcano-gentle pond with
Mike Vest, Junzo Suzuki, Vibravoid
New music from Germany’s Acid Rooster
Ambient from Jeff Pearce, Seren Ffordd & Oophoi

Melting World playlist for 07/17/2022

volcano-gentle pond segments
Kawabata Makoto & his bands-
Acid Mothers Temple & Mainliner
new music from King Buffalo
Germany’s Spacelords, Electric Moon
new ambient from Europe with
Alio Die & Dirk Serries, Max Corbacho, Tomas Weiss

Melting World playlist for 07/10/2022

Klaus Schulze memorial show 4 of 4
Deus Arrakis (2022)
Live Klaus-Duisburg, Germany 5/17/97
Ash Ra Temple reunion-Royal Festival Hall London, UK 4/2/2000
Historic Edition-concert recordings from the golden age of electronic music, two from 1976 & 1977

Melting World playlist for 06/26/2022

Klaus Schulze memorial show part 3
Contemporary Works volumes 1 & 2
Collaborations- Arthur Brown, Lisa Gerrard, Pete Namlook, Bill Laswell,
Solar Moon System, Go