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Plastick tn playlist for 01/16/2020

dreams and movin on

Plastick tn playlist for 10/24/2019

sometimes i forget how far away i am
empty scrolling
not even waiting on anything

Plastick tn playlist for 10/10/2019

I sit in the top of the wood, my eyes closed.
Inaction, no falsifying dream
Between my hooked head and hooked feet:
Or in sleep rehearse perfect kills and eat.
The convenience of the high trees!
The air's buoyancy and the sun's ray
Are of advantage to me;
And the earth's face upward for my inspection.
My feet are locked upon the rough bark.
It took the whole of Creation
To produce my foot, my each feather:
Now I hold Creation in my foot
Or fly up, and revolve it all slowly -
I kill where I please because it is all mine.
There is no sophistry in my body:
My manners are tearing off heads -
The allotment of death.
For the one path of my flight is direct
Through the bones of the living.
No arguments assert my right:
The sun is behind me.
Nothing has changed since I began.
My eye has permitted no change.
I am going to keep things like this.

--ted hughes

Plastic Love playlist for 09/26/2019

I am almost not an "I" anymore; I put myself in the service of this scheme

Plastic Love playlist for 09/12/2019

tension takes me miles away, makes me forget, yesterday was a lot and forever, but there's more than that. gotta remember that there's more

rip. daniel johnston

did i ever stop and tell u i am a desperate man?

Plastic Love playlist for 08/29/2019

I don't believe in destiny, Anthony

Plastic Love playlist for 08/15/2019

a celebration of pluralism which actively and symbolically embraces the chaotic, complex, global nature of the world

Plastic Love playlist for 07/17/2019

we must imagine sisyphus happy

Plastic Love playlist for 06/06/2019

join the ydsa, then the dsa

Plastic Love playlist for 05/23/2019

I think the cheapest definition would be someone who's just lazy, hangin' out, doin nothing. i'd like to change that to somebody who's not doing what's expected of them. somebody whos trying to live an interesting life, doing what they want to do, and if that takes time to find, so be it

no longer / not yet

Plastic Love playlist for 05/09/2019

dj *thunk* is on air and mcfreakin losing it

Plastic Love playlist for 04/24/2019

this isn't a job

it's a vocation

Plastic Love playlist for 03/28/2019

I'm in Korea. Our summer is so hot & humid. But today seems like the beginning of Fall. It's so Cool & Fresh. When I saw this, On my car, I was driving enjoying sprinkles of sunshine and fresh breeze. Played it...

Plastic Love playlist for 02/07/2019

Give me a break/ Wash me away

Plastic Love playlist for 01/23/2019

Hit me just not too hard

Plastic Love playlist for 12/20/2018

Kill it kill it kill it

Plastic Love playlist for 12/06/2018

Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy, but lets have a light night

Plastic Love playlist for 11/15/2018

life is hard and then you die. this is one of those //

Plastic Love playlist for 09/10/2018

djs toasty and FKA Spooky Christmas are here too