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Sunday Street Playlists

Sunday Street playlist for 08/12/2018

Two anniversaries of milestones in the musical world this week to mark on today’s edition of Sunday Street. We began the program with some songs referencing the Woodstock Music and Art Festival, some forty nine years ago, on August 15th-18th, 1969.

The program also noted the impact of Elvis Presley, with several sets of songs about him, along with a set of blues by Presley. This Thursday marks the forty first anniversary of his passing.

Sunday Street playlist for 08/05/2018

A “Folk Festivals” edition of Sunday Street, with The Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in its last day today, Fairport Convention’s three day Cropredy Festival beginning this Thursday in England, and The Philadelphia Folk Festival scheduled for August 16TH-19TH.

Sunday Street playlist for 07/01/2018

All Canadian music edition of Sunday Street in observation of Canada Day

Sunday Street playlist for 06/03/2018

Today's program featured an in-studio visit with Bill Scorzari

Sunday Street playlist for 05/20/2018

Today’s program was devoted to the songs of Bob Dylan. It centered on the songs from two Dylan albums that see anniversaries of their release this year: Street Legal (40th anniversary) and Infidels (35th anniversary). These two albums will be highlighted in this evening’s Bob Dylan 77th Birthday Celebration in the Sunday Street Series at The Long Island Museum.

Sunday Street playlist for 05/06/2018

Today's program featured an in-studio visit with Abbie Gardner