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Country Pocket playlist for 06/16/2016

Bonehart Flannigan performs live, introduces a couple of his tracks and does some guest DJ work because why not make him do almost everything? Preview of his upcoming show with Austin Lucas and Matt Woods and a few of his other favorites.

Country Pocket playlist for 06/09/2016

Promo show for the Summer 2016 SHS/BCLI concert featuring Three Tall Pines and The Meadows Brothers on Saturday June 11, 6:30 PM.
Joe Lurgio of TTP joined me by phone.
Also we're officially at 2 hours for the summer!

Country Pocket playlist for 06/02/2016

Today I did some of my favorite songs from the first 5 months of the year as I prepared for guests the next three weeks. Beth Lee, Bonheart Flannigan, and, next week, Three Tall Pines and/or the Meadows Brothers in preparation for their Smithtown show on Saturday June 11 hosted by yours truly.

Composer and time played listed below as per BMI Logging Time
Three Tall Pines 1:02
The Brothers Comatose 1:06
Charles Bradley 1:10
Monica Rizzio 1:14
Parker Millsap 1:18
Steamboats 1:21
Ian Meadows 1:30
Sean Watkins 1:34
Applewood Road 1:37
Goodbye Blue 1:40
Dori Freeman 1:45
Sierra Hull 1:49
Laney Jones 1:52
Mavis Staples 1:56

Country Pocket playlist for 05/26/2016

This two hour summer edition features the best of May and a re-run of the Red Moon Road show.

Country Pocket playlist for 05/19/2016

This week, we looked back on the extraordinary life of Guy Charles Clark, who passed away on Tuesday at the age of 74.

Country Pocket playlist for 05/12/2016

Goodbye Blue stopped by the studio last week and this show is the result of some recordings we made of both music and talk. Also included are tracks from "Worth the Wait," the couple's first album in 9 years and their first under the banner of Goodbye Blue.

Country Pocket playlist for 05/05/2016

The Brothers Comatose are playing NYC this Saturday, so show up there to see me and a former program director of this station dancing like a couple of idiots. Or just enjoy their new album "City Painted Gold"

Country Pocket playlist for 04/14/2016

Monica Rizzio called in to discuss her new album "Washashore Cowgirl." A listener called in and compared her songwriting to Emmy Lou's so I think it was a good day.

Country Pocket playlist for 04/07/2016

The saddest episode yet. Goodbye, Merle.

Country Pocket playlist for 03/31/2016

Sean Watkins came on the show and my head is still trying to comprehend this. We played all of his new album "What to Fear" and talked about suspicious flashlights and thought provoking song writing.

Country Pocket playlist for 03/24/2016

Our Best of March features Gene Watson, Loretta Lynn, Sturgill Simpson and more. Upcoming favorites include Applewood Road and Monica Rizzio. Sean Watkins is the only one to make the list twice with a heady folkgrass album that could easily have covered half the hour if I weren't careful. Plus, a farewell.

Country Pocket playlist for 03/17/2016

Cory Morrow! St. Patricks Day! Men's BBall at the dance! Radiothon! AND DID I MENTION CORY MORROW?! Basically today was very exciting for me. Come join Cory and me at Hill Country BBQ this Saturday and pledge pledge pledge!

Country Pocket playlist for 03/10/2016

Laney Jones called in to talk about her new album and her free spirit. Also, we wonder where Ophelia went.

Country Pocket playlist for 03/03/2016

Kristin Andreassen joins to program to discuss crayons, a father encouraging his daughter to release a sex song, happy accidents involving children, how horses are like trains, and, of course, a family of people with flaming rear ends. God I loved this interview.

Also we celebrate Parsonsfield's Weeds and Wildflowers being featured on The Walking Dead.

Country Pocket playlist for 02/25/2016

In our monthly "best of" show we look at work from Aoife O'Donovan, Vince Gill, Lucinda Williams, Solas, Freakwater and more. Our pick of the month is Mavis Staples' "Livin On A High Note" and she'll bookend the show, starting with her Grammy winning performance!

Country Pocket playlist for 02/18/2016

Personal favorite Steamboats drops by to share their amazing new progressive folk album Chosen Peace. All three stop by to discuss highlight tracks. Then we close out with some classical Ravel - a fitting choice for a folk band so heavily influenced by the genre. Support the guys at

Country Pocket playlist for 02/11/2016

Darrell Scott drops by to discuss last year's Ten: Songs of Ben Bullington, which I called album of the year for 2015. Artist's pick was a bit complicated as Ben Bullington has passed, but based on the lyrics to one of his songs I gave it to Kris Kristofferson. Due to a lack of a new Dialogos I reran large parts of last week's show with Dori Freeman during the second hour followed by the Dixie Chicks as they were a topic of conversation. Cory Morrow finished it off with his take on It's a Great Day to be Alive. Morrow is an upcoming Country Pocket guest and Scott Wrote the song.

Country Pocket playlist for 02/04/2016

Country Pocket debuts at 1pm with guest Dori Freeman and her selection from Rufus Wainwright. Dori's self-titled debut album comes out tomorrow!

Country Pocket playlist for 01/29/2016

The Final 4 AM Edition of Country Pocket spends an hour visiting old favorites and an hour showcasing the best new music of January including releases from Buddy Miller, Jennifer Nettles, Brandy Clark, progressive bluegrass prodigy Sierra Hull, and of course the immortal Mavis Staples. Also, a preview of a 20th anniversery show from Irish-American band Solas on February 7th at the City Winery and a sign off track from Cory Morrow I feel truly embodies the spirit of this show's late night adventure.