Clam Radio Playlists

Clam Radio playlist for 10/21/2010

Woke up late and frazzled so the program is more subconscious than usual. It's Radiothon and that means I talk a lot.

Clam Radio playlist for 10/07/2010

New Susan DeVita music, interview with author Gabriel Grayson "How To Read A Person Like A Book", various unexpected stuff and some pre-Lennon celebration music.

Clam Radio playlist for 09/23/2010

Bad sinus infection and tooth ache. Not sure what to play.

Clam Radio playlist for 09/09/2010

Marci Geller and Cathy Kreger are my guests

Clam Radio playlist for 08/26/2010

DeVita joins me. "Nuff said

Clam Radio playlist for 08/12/2010

Susan DeVita joins me for plenty of subconscious talk and new, local music, plus a variety of stuff you may never hear again.

Clam Radio playlist for 07/29/2010

Multi -instrumentalist and composer Chris Pati (today is his birthday) and screen writer and composer Georgia Delphine Koumas are my guests.


Clam Radio playlist for 07/01/2010

A birthday wish to Nigey Lennon, various new music and then an American celebration of sorts.

Clam Radio playlist for 06/17/2010

We make a sincere effort to play the blues within the frame work of playing music from one our favorite songwriters (Paul McCartney) who turns 68 on June 18th.

Clam Radio playlist for 06/02/2010

Some new music from me and various requests and coincidences.

Clam Radio playlist for 05/19/2010

Waiting for a guest who did not show and celebrating my Mom's 81st birthday. New Tabacco and DeVita music etc...

Clam Radio playlist for 05/05/2010

Music and a Billy Joel special for his 61st birthday on May 9th.

Clam Radio playlist for 04/21/2010

New Music from Susan DeVita, myself and various factions there of. Birthday celebrations for Meryl Mathews, Jack Nicholson, Peter Frampton, Glenn Campell, Charles Mingus and Paul Carrack.

Clam Radio playlist for 04/10/2010

Zappathon 2010 : Frank Zappa music and fractions there of.

Clam Radio playlist for 04/07/2010

Marci Geller from Lucky 13 is my guest.

Clam Radio playlist for 03/24/2010

Nigey Lennon is my guest. We also acknowledge birthday girl Aretha Franklin and birthday boy Elton John. Lots of radiothon talk in between.

Clam Radio playlist for 03/11/2010

We celebrate Nina Hagen's 55th birthday and Bobby McFerrin turns 60. Around 45 minutes in we have Susan DeVita interviewing Mostly Moptop's Anthony Pomes talkng about the 40th anniversary celebration of the Beatle's release of "Let It Be".

Clam Radio playlist for 02/25/2010

We start off with a little birthday celebration in honor of Mr. Walter Becker who turned 60 this Feb.20th. Then an interview with Dr. Dave - founder of the Steely Dan tribute band "Stealin' Dan" comes in to talk about clamming, dentistry and guitaring. We end the program with a few George Harrison tunes on what would have been the ex- Beatle's 67th birthday r.i.p.

Clam Radio playlist for 01/28/2010

Hour one is an interview with a master big band arranger by the name of Ed Palermo. Hour two is an hour long instrumental excursion of the Gateways CD that I did with Jim Dexter and Nick DiMauro 15 years ago!